Face Front Trading Cards: Official NFTs

The Face Front Trading Cards are NFTs featuring some of Face Front's takes on iconic Marvel characters, worlds, and events. Worlds and Events will come at a later date.

Card Information

Each card will include 4 points of information: Name, Team, Wave, and Rank. We will use the infographic below as an example for character cards.

Name: The name of the character featured on the card. In the example, the name is Spider-Man.

Team: The team that the character is affiliated with. In this case, it is Spider-Verse.

Wave: The wave of cards that this particular card was released in. Our example is a card from Wave 1.

Rank: The rank indicates the rarity of the card. they are as follows:

Common: The easiest to obtain in the wave. 1000 available.

Uncommon: Slightly less available, but still plentiful. 500 available.

Rare: Somewhat scarce. 250 available.

Epic: Difficult to obtain. 100 available.

Legendary: Very few and highly valuable. 50 available.

Infinite: The rarest and most valuable card in the wave. 10 available.

The rank in the example is Common. The cards are not randomized, any user has an equal opportunity to get any card. However, you will need to be attentive of drops if you wish to obtain higher ranked cards first.

Wave 1

Wave 1 features characters from Face Front's hit YouTube series, Spider-Man: Return to the Spider-Verse! This wave includes Spider-Man, Peter B., Noir, Advanced, Ghost-Spider, and Amazing as the Infinite Rank card! Collect them all to build your Return to the Spider-Verse collection and unlock exclusive content on Face Front Blog! Below is a rundown of each card:


Team: Spider-Verse

Rank: Common


Peter B.

Team: Spider-Verse

Rank: Uncommon



Team: Spider-Verse

Rank: Rare



Team: Spider-Verse

Rank: Epic



Team: Spider-Verse

Rank: Legendary



Team: Spider-Verse

Rank: Infinite