There was an idea. To bring together a group of remarkable people, and see if they could become something more. So that when the world needed them, they could fight the battles, that we never could. On that day, the Avengers were born.

Then there was another idea. To bring together a group of the biggest Marvel fans. So that when the world was sick and tired of hearing them blab on and on about Marvel, they could come and talk about it with real fans in a way they never could before. On that day, Face Front was born.

My name is Joshua Westbrook, and I've started a Brand New Day for Face Front! No more gimmicks, no more locked content, just honest fans and honest discussions! So what are you waiting for? Go register so you can join in on the conversation!

But this is much more than just a blog! I do all kinds of fun things for the fans, like the Face Front web show Sam Says, a show about Falcon finding his place in the Avengers. Here's the first episode for you!

I also do a podcast where I talk more Marvel, you know, things just a blog post just don't do justice! Take a look with the sample below!

Lastly, if you become a patron for as little as $1.00 a month, you can help support me so I can keep doing what I do, as well as get some pretty cool perks, a thank you from me. It's completely optional, and you can still access all of Face Front without it! So Face Front True Believers, we're going to be Ultimate!

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