Face Front Tokens!

Face Front Tokens are rewards for being a member of the Face Front Blog and interacting with the community! Tokens are the Face Front currency, and can be used to get cool Marvel-themed prizes!

How do I earn them?

You can earn Face Front Tokens by:

Registering for Face Front (10 Tokens/User)

Logging in to Face Front (1 Token/Day)

Reading a Marvel Multiverse Blog Post (1 Token/Post)

Commenting on Marvel Multiverse Blog Posts (5 Tokens/Comment)

Winning Secret Wars sessions (Tokens Vary)

Reading E.G.G. (5 Tokens/Issue)

Winning contests

Becoming a Patron

More ways coming soon!

What do I spend them on?

You can spend your Face Front Tokens in the Token Shop, just make sure to spend wisely! The shop will be updated regularly and cooler items will be added!

So go on and start earning True Believers! Face Front awaits!