No matter what evil rises, the Amazing Spider-Man will summon the courage to defeat it; for with great power comes great responsibility.

Return of the Sinister Six

Amazing had been through several adventures, tangling with the likes of the Lizard and Electro. His hero career, however, ended in tragedy when he failed to save the woman he loved, Gwen Stacy. Having just returned to super hero-ing after a long period of grief, Amazing found himself swept into the Spider-Verse.

The first thing he noticed was several super villains at the Daily Bugle, about to destroy another Spider-Man! Without even a second thought, Amazing swooped in and saved the new Spider-Man. A little disoriented, Spider-Man thought Amazing was there to kill him. After ensuring him that he was one of the good guys, a whole slew of Spider heroes showed up, and together, they all took down the Sinister Six.

Oscorp Conspiracy

After taking down the Lizard at the Daily Bugle, Amazing was determined to help his old friend Doctor Connors. While mixing up a new batch of the Lizard cure, he found out that Spider-Man didn't have an Oscorp in his world, and offered to let him come along.

Once they arrived, they found the Lizard in a more sane state, Connors declaring that he was able to use the quantum particles in the air of the newly formed Loomworld to stabilize his decay rate algorithm. Amazing was skeptical, so Connors insisted he come check his work.

While in the lab, Amazing determined that the new equation worked, and wondered if it could be used to cure his friend Harry of the Retroviral Hyperplasia disease. Connors wondered why Amazing would want to cure Osborn after what he did to Gwen, and Amazing stated that it was the right thing to do. While taking the opportunity to officially give his condolences, the Green Goblin hijacked the PA system and emitted a frequency that drove Connors into a frenzy, and reactivated the Lizard!

Amazing and the Lizard engaged in a brawl, while Spider-Man attempted to stop the Green Goblin from deleting the Super Collider schematics. In the end, however, Spider-Man gave up his way home to help Amazing put a stop to the Lizard.

Back at the Spider's Nest, Amazing changed into his original costume (after the new one was devastated in the fight with Lizard) and was relaxing with Spider-Man when all of sudden they received an email. Inside was a copy of the Super Collider schematics, sent from Oscorp's servers with the tag "With Love, the Smartest Student at Midtown High". Amazing determined that only one person could have sent it: his long lost love Gwen Stacy.