Beyond Corporation

Go Big. Go Bold. Go Beyond. -Maxine Danger

Failed Experiments

300 Credits - Tasty Sandwich (Instant Kill)

DO NOT EAT! Actually, you know what? Maybe don't even take it out of the sandwich bag...

300 Credits - Psycho Reactive Goo (Instant Kill)

Subjects that came into contact with this goo stated that all of a sudden they felt hopeless... unfulfilled... as if their life has been reduced to nothing but an empty chasm... Sweet! Uh, I mean... tragic.

300 Credits - Personal Space Bubble (Instant Kill)

Okay, um... aren't bubbles supposed to expand? Okay, so then why the hell did this one implode!? Ugh, this is so gross, Marcus! Get a mop!

300 Credits - Beyond (TM) Instant Weight Loss Pill! (Instant Kill)

Okay, so the bubble shrinks but the weight loss pill makes people expand until... this happens!? Yeah, that makes total sense. Marcus! Bring that mop back in here! You're not done!

300 Credits - Spinneret (Instant Kill)

No! It's supposed to detain people! Well I don't know what to tell you, it crushed every bone in his body. I said make sure it's inescapable, not a death trap! Oh, good point, you can't escape death... Get this man a raise!

300 Credit - Memory Helmet (Instant Kill)

This Memory Helmet will restore lost memories! Well... usually it just depletes all brain activity, leaving the subject basically a lobotomized vegetable... but one day it will restore lost memories!