Countdown Crisis Guidebook


Six Classes

Each hero and villain has a class. There are six main classes, Chem, Magic, Space, Tech, Mutant, and Skill. 

Strengths and Weaknesses

Each class is strong against one, and weak against another. For instance, Chem is strong against Magic, so attacks that do Chem damage will double against Magic opponents. However, Chem is weak against skill, so Chem attacks will only do half damage to Skill opponents.


The final class is called Combined, and is applied to enemies that are not locked one specific class. Combined damage is strong to all other types of damage, therefore any other class with take double damage from a Combined attack. These are usually beings of infinite power, and should be avoided if possible.


5 Types

Each hero has 5 ability types: Basic, Special, Assault Heroic, Support Heroic, and Ultimate Heroic. 


Basic abilities are standard fare, single attacks the usually do not use status damage. Basic abilities do not cost energy.


Special abilities are slightly more than Basic, and more prone to include status damage. Special abilities do not cost energy.

Assault Heroic

Assault abilities are powerful attacks that cost energy. They can be used to do real damage to your opponents.

Support Heroic

Support abilities are used to aid yourself and allies in battle. These can heal, provide buffs, or any number of helpful actions. Support abilities do cost energy.

Ultimate Heroic

The Ultimate ability with do massive damage to Bosses and almost ensure the instant defeat of Minions. Ultimate abilities cost all 10 energy.

Gaining New Abilities

New Basic and Special abilities can be gained by spending 10 Energy to learn it. This can be done mid-battle, and the ability will be ready for immediate use that turn.

Basic and Special abilities can also be gained by learning it from a Mentor.

As a bonus, every 1 Basic or Special ability you learn will add +1 Attack Roll for your original Basic and Special Attacks.

New Assault, Support, and Ultimate Heroics are gained by reaching certain levels and points in the campaign.


Who to counter

Players can counter any minor that attacks them during their turn. Bosses CAN NOT be countered unless an ability or item specifies so.

How to Counter

When an enemy lands a successful attack on the player, the player has a chance to retaliate by countering with a Basic Attack. Special attacks or Heroics may not be used to counter unless an ability or item specifies so.

State that you would like to counter. Then roll to attack. If you beat your opponent's AC, you may use any Basic attack you have unlocked to counter.


Enemies defeated by counter attacks will produce one Energy for the player who beat them.


What are Passives

Passives are perks or additional skills that activate automatically when an ability is used or during battle. Players do not need to activate Passives, they will act automatically when the proper actions are taken. Each Player is only allowed 2 Passives at any given time, and they may only be swapped if the player is in a hub (ie. The Helicarrier)


Starters are Passives that activate at the beginning of the battle and usually provide an upper leg when going into an encounter. Each Player may only have ONE Starter Passive.


Ongoings are Passives that are active throughout the entirety of each encounter, giving the Player an edge on the battlefield. Each Player may only have ONE Ongoing Passive.


Passives can be found on: Souls, Weapons, Drones, Darkhold Pages, and Tattoos. What they do vary, so be sure to use abilities and items that have Passives that will benefit you in the fight!

Buddy Moves

Buddy Moves allow you to team up with a member of your party and unleash a powerful attack upon your opponents.


Buddy moves cost energy from both heroes, a heavier cost upon the one providing the base of the attack. If an enemy is defeated, both heroes gain 1 energy.

Damage Type

All Buddy Moves do Combined Damage, which as mentioned above, is doubled against any class. Therefore, unless the opponent is a Combined class, all Buddy Moves do double damage.

S.L.I.D.E. System

Second Chance

The Slipknot Link Inter-Dimensional Emitter, or the S.L.I.D.E. System, is a new mechanic that replaces the former 'Boost Meter' and allows retools to an attack or check roll of any kind


The S.L.I.D.E. System operates on charging cells, of which each player has 5. One charge is depleted each time the Player Slides and rerolls. Charges are reset at the beginning of each encounter or after a long rest.


When Sliding a check, the Player can reroll a poor roll and take the higher of the 2 numbers. After doing so, one charge will be depleted. Only one charge may be used per check.


If Sliding during combat, a Player may reroll the lowest number in a 616 roll and take the higher of the 2.


Different Powers

Each Hero has a unique form of energy based on their origins and powers. This energy is what allows them to use their Heroic Abilities.


Each Heroic ability as an energy cost. The associated cost is listed below the ability name. The Ultimate Heroic ability will always cost the maximum of 10 energy.

Gaining Energy

Energy can be gained a variety of ways. These are:

-Defeating an opponent (1 energy)

-Defeating the final opponent (2 energy)

-Purchasing from House of Harkness (up to 3 energy per day)

-Long Rest (1 energy)

-Side Quests (Varies)

-Opening Chests (Varies)

-Providing Whitney Chang with scoops (Varies)

Use your energy wisely. Look at the type of damage your Assault and Ultimate can do, keeping your oppoents in mind. See how your Support ability can assist your teammates. Coordiante and plan to win your battles!


Mysterious Chests with the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on them seem to keep appearing out of thin air, leaving behind a tachyon rift when opened. Chests will provide you with a random number of Energy and Credits.

Finding Chests

Each mission on the War Table will have a minimum of one chest. So search the area! Use those Investigation checks!

Other Chests will appear at random, so always be on the lookout!



S.H.I.E.L.D. has equipped you with everything you need to win the Countdown Crisis, including the aid of their various agents in the form of Summons. As you adventure, your actions and relationships will determine whether or not you gain more allies to summon.


Each ally may only be used once per encounter, and will use whichever attack the summoner deems fit, if the attack has been unlocked.

Leveling Up

Your allies depend on you to help them become the heroes they are meant to be. Their journeys are tied to how often they are allowed to help you with yours!

Each time you summon an ally, a bubble is filled in, getting them a step closer to the next level. An ally must be summoned 10 times to reach Level 2, and 20 times after that to reach Level 3. Level 3 summons can help you greatly in tough battles!

Secret Areas

Some areas are blocked off and inaccessible to our heroes. Maybe summoning an ally will open up new areas. Summoning an ally to help access a secret area will also count toward leveling them up!


Earn Money!

Credits are the currency of S.H.I.E.L.D. and are used to make purchases. Earn credits by completing missions at the War Table, side quests, Chests, or maybe by just finding them lying around! You may also pay me directly, I take cash and all major credit cards.

Spending Credits

Credits can be spent on various items on the Helicarrier and certain shops in the world. They can be used to by outfits, weapons, cars, holy water, you name it! The shops are always open!

Instant Kills

Instant Kills can be used to eliminate an enemy minion entirely at any point on the battle on a Player's turn if the Player has an instant kill available.


Players each have 1 Instant Kill ability that my be used once per session! Long rests do not replenish Instant Kills, and they may not be regained any other way.


Items in the shop can be purchased that serve as Instant Kills. These items are only 1 in stock at a time and the shop is not restocked until the item has been used.


Instant kill items will specify which class of enemy will be instantly killed. If no class is stated, then the item can be used on any class. Instant Kill summon abilities can be used on any class.


Some summons have the sole purpose of performing Instant Kills. Once that character is summoned, they may not be called again until the next session!


Using an Instant Kill ability will cost 5 Energy.

Energy is not gained from using an Instant Kill ability, item, or summon.


Imperfections can be activated by using a bonus action to attach Van Rokel's device to the back of your neck.

Imperfect Virus

The Imperfect Virus infects you each time you use an Imperfection. If you reach 5 Imperfect Virus points, you will submit to the control of Van Rokel's device. This will cause you to enter your Imperfect form and attack your allies. The only way to break this control is to be knocked unconscious by your allies, as enemies cannot harm you in your Imperfect form.

Removing Points

You may decrease the number of Imperfect Virus points you are burdened with by spending 2 energy. 2 energy will remove 1 point of Imperfect Virus. If you reach 5 points, then are knocked unconscious, the Virus Points and all of your energy go down to 0.


Van Rokel's device hijacks you genetics, and cuts you off from what makes you a hero. While using the device or while in Imperfect form, you may not use Heroic attacks.


Energy may not be gained by defeating enemies with Imperfect abilities. You will lose all of your energy if you submit to the Imperfect Virus and are knocked unconscious by your allies. It costs 2 energy to remove 1 point of Imperfect Virus.