Eddie Brock’s Diary


So… I guess I ended up in a different dimension today? Yep, that’s my life now. Venom was going on about some Infinity… somethings. Either way, when I showed up, I saw 6 freaks about to kill a kid in tights. (Seriously, these guys were weird. One was dressed like an elf? One was a dinosaur it think!? One of them had like, a fishbowl on his head. I’m not kidding.)

Anyways, I don’t know why the kid was wearing tights, but I knew I had to help him. The other guys? They were bad. And Venom and I agreed to only hurt bad people…


Okay, so that didn’t go as planned. I saved the kid, but then I started seeing… I don’t know, memories, of… Eddie Brock? But it definitely was not me. And there was another guy in tights… with the spider symbol on his… Spider-Man. I don’t know how I knew that… anyways, Venom flipped out and took control. I was just along for the ride.


Okay! So there’s, like, a hundred of these weird Spider-people! They all came out of nowhere and started beating up on the 6 freaks! Venom was still basically on autopilot, but we didn’t last long. One of those Spider-punks had like, and electric fist or something, and he hit us with it! Everything went dark after that…


So I woke up in a cell. But not prison, it’s like, a weird cell made of webs. Then one of the Spider-freaks came in. He sounded like an old-timey detective. He was telling me that Venom was too dangerous to go to a normal prison, so they were keeping me there. Venom didn’t like that. And honestly, neither did I.


Ahhh! It happened again! I had a flash… a memory of that other Eddie Brock. At least it wasn’t him getting blown up this time. He was on a date? Getting coffee with some blonde chick that looked kind of like the one they call Ghost-Spider… I don’t know. I hate that feeling, of another me in my brain. But seeing him on a date with his lady made me think of Anne. I hope she’s okay…


Venom keeps coming up with escape plans that are almost always doomed to fail. The Spider-brats got us locked down tight… But there has to be some way out, right?


I am so sick of these memory flashes! The other Eddie was taking pictures of that one Spider-Man (I figured out he’s the one they call OG around here). But he destroyed his camera, called him a chump and left! I don’t know, these Spiders put on like they’re decent folks, but there’s something about their ‘holier than thou’ attitude that rubs me the wrong way… also the OG Spider-Man’s suit was black in the memory… was he wearing a Symbiote?


That OG guy defiantly killed his Venom. The memories made that all but clear. He keeps looking at me like he’s seen a ghost. Venom gives him a little snarl, or a glare. He really wants to bite his head off. When we get out of here, I might let him. Oof, careful Eddie. Almost sounding like Cletus Kasady there. At least he’s not this dimension. Guy’s a creep.