Experimental Government Gadgets. Experimental being the operative word here... maybe sign the waiver first... -Agent Westbrook

100 Credits - Thwip Blaster (Stuns opponents for 1 turn. 10 shots)

Thwip your enemies with the sticky white stuff that shoots out of the- WAIT! That came out wrong! Shut up Acacia! That is not what she said!

15 Credits - Web Fluid (x1 shot for Thwip Blaster)

Try making this stuff on your own. Go ahead. I dare you. Yeah, that's what I thought, run me that cash son!

200 Credits - Repulsor Blaster (3D8+3 Tech damage)

We did not steal Stark tech, shut up! This baby is nuclear powered! Um... yeah, maybe be careful with that...

200 Credits - Lightstream's Kiss (4D6+10)

I had a dream after I touched one of those weird chests you guys are obsessed with. I saw a beautiful goddess of a superhero, and she called herself Lightstream! I was this close to kissing her before I woke up! Anyways, she shot lightning, so this does too.

450 Credits - Sneaky Sniper (1D20+5)

Oh yeah! Nail your target from who knows how far away (120 ft) with this baby! It's quiet as McGuinness and hits like a truck! Just please, don't miss. Please.

200 Credits - Jump Pack (+15 ft to Movement)

Well it was supposed to be a full on jetpack, but people kept crashing, Eileen caught fire, it wasn't great. So now it just gives you a little boost, in any direction!

600 Credits - Cosmic Gauntlet (6D6+6 Cosmic Damage, must roll percentile die after each use)

You'll win fights in a snap with this baby! It's a glove packed with cosmic energy! Stop it Acacia! Did you not hear me say cosmic energy!?!? This isn't a toy!


Drone warfare is the future! Wait, why is it looking at me like that... Ahhh! Get it away! Get it away! - Agent Westbrook

150 Credits - Seeker Drone (2D8+6)

This bad boy will seek out the weakest enemy in range (lowest HP) and destroy them with extreme prejudice! (2x damage against opponents in the yellow/red) Unless you tell it to attack someone else, that is.

150 Credits - Incendiary Drone (4D8 Chem Damage)

This guy has a nasty napalm concoction that'll light the joint up! Literally!

150 Credits - Cosmic Drone (3D6+5 Cosmic Damage)

We definitely did not unsafely harness cosmic energy into a drone. And this drone does not blast unsuspecting enemies with the Power Cosmic.

300 Credits - Crowd Control Drone (2D12+2 (x2))

This drone has two mini-drones attached to it, maximizing crowd coverage and hitting anyone dumb enough to be in its attack radius (AOE 10 ft)!

Specialty Items

300 Credits - Technovore (Instant Kill 1 Mutant Opponent) *1 in Stock!*

This is a pretty dangerous tech virus! It got into our systems once and nearly wiped everything clean! Luckily, Eileen managed to trap it in kind of a digital prison, and now I just want to get rid of it!

10,000 Credits - Extremis

Shh! Not so loud! Look, I only stashed one vial of Extremis! Fury has no idea so keep it down! And yeah, it's not cheap. What's it do? Well how should I know!?