Experimental Government Gadgets. Experimental being the operative word here... maybe sign the waiver first... -Agent Westbrook


100 Credits - Thwip Blaster (Stuns opponents for 1 turn. 10 shots)

Thwip your enemies with the sticky white stuff that shoots out of the- WAIT! That came out wrong! Shut up Acacia! That is not what she said! (50 ft)

15 Credits - Web Fluid (x1 shot for Thwip Blaster)

Try making this stuff on your own. Go ahead. I dare you. Yeah, that's what I thought, run me that cash son!

200 Credits - Repulsor Blaster (Mx3+3 Tech damage)

We did not steal Stark tech, shut up! This baby is nuclear powered! Um... yeah, maybe be careful with that... (25 ft)

200 Credits - Lightstream's Kiss (Mx4+10)

I had a dream after I touched one of those weird chests you guys are obsessed with. I saw a beautiful goddess of a superhero, and she called herself Lightstream! I was this close to kissing her before I woke up! Anyways, she shot lightning, so this does too. (25 ft)

450 Credits - Sneaky Sniper (Mx5+10)

Oh yeah! Nail your target from who knows how far away (200 ft) with this baby! It's quiet as McGuinness and hits like a truck! Just please, don't miss. Please.

600 Credits - Cosmic Gauntlet (Mx6+6 Cosmic Damage, must roll percentile die after each use)

You'll win fights in a snap with this baby! It's a glove packed with cosmic energy! Stop it Acacia! Did you not hear me say cosmic energy!?!? This isn't a toy!


200 Credits - BAMF Vest (Armor Gear, Teleport once per Encounter)

We worked out all the kinks! I promise! I promise... Come on, just put it on. Trust me. It's completely safe.

200 Credits - The Signal (Wrist Gear, +3 to Tech Handling)

If you're trash at hacking, or, you know, just operating your smart phone then you might want this... Best to make sure you don't get stuck in the year 2099 when everyone is moving on!

200 Credits - Jump Pack (Back Gear, +15 ft to Movement)

Well it was supposed to be a full on jetpack, but people kept crashing, Eileen caught fire, it wasn't great. So now it just gives you a little boost, in any direction!

400 Credits - E.G.G. Outfit (Gear Set, +10 Damage to all E.G.G. Inventions)

Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your lives. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to E.G.G.


Drone warfare is the future! Wait, why is it looking at me like that... Ahhh! Get it away! Get it away! - Agent Westbrook

150 Credits - Seeker Drone (Mx2+6)

This bad boy will seek out the weakest enemy in range (lowest HP) and destroy them with extreme prejudice! (2x damage against opponents in the yellow/red) Unless you tell it to attack someone else, that is.

150 Credits - Incendiary Drone (Mx4 Chem Damage)

This guy has a nasty napalm concoction that'll light the joint up! Literally!

150 Credits - Cosmic Drone (Mx3+5 Cosmic Damage)

We definitely did not unsafely harness cosmic energy into a drone. And this drone does not blast unsuspecting enemies with the Power Cosmic.

300 Credits - Crowd Control Drone (Mx2+6 (x2))

This drone has two mini-drones attached to it, maximizing crowd coverage and hitting anyone dumb enough to be in its attack radius (AOE 10 ft)!

Specialty Items

300 Credits - Technovore (Instant Kill 1 Mutant Opponent) *1 in Stock!*

This is a pretty dangerous tech virus! It got into our systems once and nearly wiped everything clean! Luckily, Eileen managed to trap it in kind of a digital prison, and now I just want to get rid of it!

10,000 Credits - Extremis

Shh! Not so loud! Look, I only stashed one vial of Extremis! Fury has no idea so keep it down! And yeah, it's not cheap. What's it do? Well how should I know!?