Face Front Originals

Spider-Man: Return to the Spider-Verse

Episode 4: Be Greater

After Gwen comes upon an encrypted file in the Super Collider schematics, Spidey must team up with the Advanced Spider-Man to face down against one of his oldest and fiercest foes: The Kingpin. It's time to Be Greater!

Episode 3: Peter Parker, PI

The next chapter in Spidey's adventure is here! In order to complete the Super Collider, Spidey must team up with Spider-Man Noir and the cunning Black Cat (voiced by Sara Pezel) to acquire Adamantium from the most ruthless gangster New York has ever seen: Hammerhead!

Episode 2: Oscorp Conspiracy

Spidey and Amazing Spider-Man head to Oscorp to deliver the antidote to the Lizard. But nothing is ever as it seems with Oscorp, and a conspiracy that lurks behind the scenes may leads to the end of the Spider-Verse!

Episode 1: Amazing Friends

The Sinister Six have been defeated, but Spidey is stuck in another dimension! While he figures out how to get back home, he'll meet the other members of the Spider-Verse, and get acquainted with his new lair: The Spider's Nest!

Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six

After the events of the Infinity Showdown, Spider-Man finds himself in a world without Avengers! Even worse, some of his greatest enemies have returned from defeat, and formed a new alliance to take him down: The Sinister Six.

Doctor Strange: Battle on Bleecker Street

Doctor Strange and the Midnight Sons must work to stop Dormammu and his new allies, Man-Thing, Morbius, and Green Goblin!

Avengers: Infinity Showdown

The Avengers are facing a new enemy that wields the Infinity Gauntlet!

Fate of the Defenders

What really happened to the Defenders? You might wish you never knew...

Well, the Kickstarter Didn't Work

Who gave Falcon the Infinity Gauntlet? This isn't going to end well...

Falcon Kickstarts a New Idea

Face Front is over budget on Sam Says Episode 3! But Falcon isn't gonna take that sitting down!

Falcon's San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Party

When Falcon can't get into SDCC 2018, he comes up with his own plan...