Sam Wilson soars above the skies on his wing pack as the heroic Falcon!

Falcon often believed he was overlooked as an Avenger. No matter what he did, he felt as though every other Avenger has more of a role to play than he did. So when the time came for him to show the world what he could do, Sam jumped at the opportunity.

Partnering with the multimedia conglomerate Face Front, Falcon was able to acquire his own TV show, known as Sam Says. In the show, Sam was able to document his journey as an Avenger, including how he became one, and even his investigation into a conspiracy involving Doctor Doom! (See Sam Says)

However, when Face Front's funding fell through, Sam Says was cancelled after airing only 2 episodes. Devastated, as his one chance to prove himself was now gone, Falcon stole the Infinity Gauntlet. Despite warnings from his fellow Avengers, Falcon snapped his fingers in hopes of creating a world where Sam Says Episode 3 exists. (See Infinity Showdown)

The results, however, had grave consequences on the entire universe.