Try not touch anything -Forge


Please, have a look around. -Forge

50 Credits - X-Men Uniform (Gear Set, Advantage to attack rolls against Skill Class Opponents)

The standard yellow and Blue X-Men uniform. Wearing this makes you one of us.

75 Credits - X Symbol Belt Buckle (Armor Gear, +2 to Survival checks)

The X-Men have had to endure hardship and scrutiny due to being mutants in an intolerant world. When you wear the symbol of the X-Men, you become that much tougher.


Xavier speaks of peace. But sometimes, to achieve that, you'll have to use weapons. -Forge

200 Credits - X-Gene Emitter (Mx3+4 Mutant Damage)

This blaster emits a frequency that agitates the latent X-Gene inside of all non-mutants. Needless to say, against mutant opponents, it is ineffective.

150 Credits - X-Drone (Mx2+7 Mutant Damage)

This drone fires concentrated blasts of kinetic energy at its opponent. Precise, and deadly.


3,000 Credits - Harley-Davidson V-Rod (3 Turbo Dice)

The Summers boy expressed a real interest in this. I told him he can take it for a spin... when he's older.

Speciality Items

300 Credits - Countermeasure (Instant Kill 1 Tech Opponent) *1 in Stock!*

I'm not sure what Project Wide-Awake is, but if Senator Kelly is funding it, it can't be good. He promises new technology to "mitigate the Mutant threat", so I invented this to mitigate any technological threat.

10,000 - Techno-Organic Virus

This is a virus that converts living tissue into technology! Considering my own circumstances, I find it rather fascinating, but appears to be quite dangerous and is so technologically advanced, I can only surmise that it came from the future.