Intelligent and quick-witted, Ghost-Spider has a sharp sense of humor and is a natural leader.

Return of the Sinister Six

Ghost-Spider had already ventured into the Spider-Verse once before, so it was no surprise when once again she was zapped into another dimension. Meeting up once more with all of her friends from her first adventure, and some new ones, they all teamed up at the Daily Bugle to take down the Sinister Six.

When the battle was won, they all returned to the Spider's Nest, where Gwen and her allies had set up shop the first time they came together. Peter B. approached Gwen to help locate Spider-Man's world, Earth-84061, so that they could send him home. However, she could not find it, and determined that it had been destroyed.

Hesitant to tell Spider-Man, she informed him that he'd need a way to get back there, and told him he'd have to gather the parts to build a new Super Collider, in hopes it would buy her time to try and locate his world.

Gwen spearheaded the Super Collider project, working closely with Peni to construct it, sending Spider-Man to find the parts she needed. But after Spider-Man and Spectacular battled Spectacular Doc Ock, Spider-Man discovered that he was drawing quantum particles to himself and asked if Gwen had a way to discover why. She said she'd need to fix her Dimension Watch, which was damaged in the battle with the Sinister Six. But to do that, she'd need to go to the one place she was trying not to go back to: Home.

The Ghost

Since discovering that she couldn't find Spider-Man's world, Gwen did her best to avoid him, dreading to be the one to tell him that he couldn't go home. Spider-Man, however, caught on to this, and mistakenly determined that he reminded her of the Peter Parker she'd lost. So when Gwen was heading to fix her Dimension Watch, Spider-Man made it so that he was the only available option for a lab partner, resulting in Gwen reluctantly bringing him along.

While in the lab, Spider-Man pressed Gwen for information about her Peter Parker, stating that he knew she was avoiding him. In order to draw attention away from the real reason, Gwen agreed to share the story of her Peter Parker.

Peter and Gwen were inseparable best friends. She defended him from bullies like Flash Thompson, they ate corn dogs together, and they were always there for each other. One day, a mutated Lizard attacked Midtown. Gwen suited up as Spider-Woman and put an end to the rampaging monster, but found out too late that it was Peter! She revealed her identity and tried to keep him alive, but the unstable Lizard formula ended up killing him, his last words being that he just wanted to be special like his best friend, Gwen.

Gwen sank into despair, becoming a fugitive, quitting her band and pushing away her friend Em Jay. She chose to be alone. She chose to be Ghost-Spider.

Getting some air from reliving these events, Gwen soon found herself face to face with her Peter Parker! However, he claimed that she broke her promise that they'd be friends forever, and that she let him die. He transformed into the Lizard and attacked her. Spider-Man soon found her and realized that it was actually Mysterio since his Spider-Sense was tuned to see through his illusions.

As a last resort, Mysterio posed as Peter and made Spider-Man appear as a Doppelgänger, stating that he was going to kill him if Gwen didn't stop him. Gwen fought Spider-Man and nearly killed him, but soon realized she was being deceived. She broke the illusion and took down Mysterio.

Mysterio fled, leaving his helmet behind. But while they were wrapping up, Em Jay came from the school and Gwen revealed that she was Ghost-Spider, and had only pushed her away to protect her. Em Jay forgave her and they salvaged their friendship.

Back at the Spider's Nest, Gwen had stopped avoiding Spider-Man. The two were hanging out when Spider-Man asked why she'd kept her distance. Gwen finally mustered up the courage to tell him the truth, but before she could, Miles interrupted and revealed that Spider-Man had retrieved Gwen's old drum set. She decided to hold off on telling Peter the truth a little longer, and jammed out on her drums.