He Who Remains

"For all time. Always." -He Who Remains

1 Credit - Kang Coin *SOLD OUT!*

Please buy this IMMEDIATELY!

1 Credit - Legacy Virus

This is dangerous. I think. I can't remember...

1 Credit - Small Circular Device

This will kill Shawn McGuinness.

1 Credit - Mysterious Book *SOLD OUT!*

This will help Tonda. When the time comes.

1 Credit - Mysterious Green Orb *SOLD OUT!*

I hope this helps you!

1 Credit - Mysterious Red Orb *SOLD OUT!*

This will fix that mistake you made. Or it might make it worse...

1 Credit - Backpack *SOLD OUT!*

Where did this come from?

1 Credit - Trading Card *SOLD OUT!*

Lance? Do you want this?

1 Credit - Empty Jar *SOLD OUT*!

Hello old friend!

1 Credit - Video Tape *SOLD OUT!*

Maybe don't watch this...

1 Credit - Small Rectangular Device *SOLD OUT!*

Oh this one is my favorite!