House of Harkness

Name's Agatha Harkness dear, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s "Supernatural Consultant". I've been here all along! -Agatha Harkness

15 Credits - Witches Brew (Restores 1D8+2 HP) *3 in Stock Daily*

A special concoction of mine! Keeps you feeling lively and ready to fight after taking a nasty hit. Hm? Oh no dear, I'm not an actual witch, it's just a fun name.

30 Credits - Holy Water (1D6 Magic damage and stuns Cosmic class characters for 1 turn)

I hear we're dealing with ghosts now? How exciting. I mean, terrifying. Take some Holy Water! It'll stop them in their tracks!

100 Credits - Siphoned Energy (+1 Energy) *3 in Stock Daily*

I siphoned the life energy from some hapless fools that dared to question my power- um... I mean... some really bad people... and now you can use it to make yourself more powerful!

200 Credits - Scarlet Cape (+2 to Arcana Checks)

A cape that once belonged to a Nexus being of immeasurable power that exceeds that of even the Sorcerer Supreme. If even a fraction of her power remains, this will benefit you greatly in the fight ahead.

400 Credits - Protection Spell (Halves all Incoming Damage for 5 Turns)

This spell will protect you, or anyone you cast it on, from most of the damage your enemies can do. It's especially helpful if the enemy's natural class is stronger than yours. Do use it wisely however, darling, it only lasts for 30 seconds.

300 Credits - Dora Milaje Warrior (3D8+3) *SOLD OUT!*

These African female warriors fight very hard to protect their nation! I had to pull out some real ancient magic just to kill one of them! Um... in self defense of course. They're supposed to go to someplace called the Ancestral Plane, but her soul... decided to stay with me instead!

150 Credits - Sparky's Soul (1D8) *SOLD OUT!*

Some poor dog (that I definitely did not kill) lost his soul! Maybe he can be a good boy in the afterlife!

300 Credits - Einherjar Warrior (2D8+2) *SOLD OUT!*

This poor Asgardian soul got lost on his way to Valhalla. I definitely did not intercept him on his way to eternal paradise! What kind of monster would do that?

200 Credits - Defender of K'un-Lun Outfit (+12 HP, +1 to Strength Checks) *For Lance* *SOLD OUT*

I heard you had an Iron Fist on your team? Well, back sometime in the 1700's I just so happened to kill an Iron Fist- I mean... he died... from unfortunate events... anyways I managed to snag his armor. Very regal, dark green with golden shoulder pads, bracers, and greaves. It's also got that Shao-Lao dragon symbol on the chest plate. Oh, and this stupid bandana he was wearing. I guess it's tradition or something.

The Darkhold

Careful when using the book of the damned. It takes a toll on its reader. -Agatha Harkness

150 Credits - Darkhold Spell of Mutation (3D6+4 Mutant Damage)

This spell comes from En Sabah Nur himself! It reaches into the opponent's biology, takes hold of their latent (or active) X-Gene and forces them to trigger their mutation! I won't lie though, that can sometimes be pretty grotesque... (Enemy minion changes into Mutant class from whatever they were before)

150 Credits - Darkhold Spell of Malice (2D6+3 Magic Damage)

This will plant some nasty thoughts in someone's mind. It'll make 'em want to attack the nearest person to them, even if it's a friend! (Enemy takes initial damage and will be forced on next turn to attack another enemy. Bosses can fight the effect by succeeding a Wisdom saving throw.)

150 Credits - Darkhold Spell of Crushing Might (3D6+5 Skill Damage)

You will gain the strength of the Keepers of the Darkhold and strike your opponents with a mighty blow! This spell is sheer brute force darling!

150 Credits - Darkhold Spell of Pestilence (4D6+4 Chem Damage) *SOLD OUT!*

Your enemy (within range) will be deathly sick for a little bit (1 turn), and if they're not strong enough (fail a constitution saving throw) it could kill them instantly (minion only). Isn't that terrifyingly exciting!

Specialty Items

300 Credits - Daggers of Denak (Instant Kill 1 Cosmic Opponent) *1 in Stock!*

These magical daggers are some of the most powerful weapons a sorcerer can conjure! They've proved very effective against visitors from outer space...

10,000 Credits - Staff of One

When blood is shed, let the Staff of One emerge! This is a nifty and quite powerful little relic, but the spell I had to cast to break the blood magic was very difficult and dangerous, so this one isn't cheap!