Venom Incident Report Log


Lousy bum threatened the bite my head off, so I threatened to knock his teeth out. Glad I’m the warden, don’t think any other Spider has the hutzpah to keep this big schlub in line!

-Submitted by Noir


He’s not my Venom, but… for some reason he keeps looking at me… like he knows what happened to the Symbiote on my world… it’s almost like he wants revenge… I don’t know. Maybe I’m just feeling guilty. I tried to save Eddie. I don’t know why he jumped back in…

-Submitted by OG


So I told the Venom dude about my Venom Blast! He got all upset and started yelling about how he wanted to eat me! Dude’s crazy. Who knew a crazy slime monster would get so up in arms about copyright infringement?

-Submitted by Miles


Caught that slippery son of a gun tryin’ to make a break for it through the John! Either he’s got applesauce for brains, or he wants to blow. Bad.

-Submitted by Noir


Venom refuses to eat. He keeps going on about tater tots, so I got him an extra-large fry. A potato is a potato, but I guess he’s picky! Whatever, it’s Peter’s problem now.

-Submitted by Ghost-Spider


That Venom guy called me a loser! I don’t know if that counts as an incident report, but it was very rude!

-Submitted by Spider-Man

-Deleted by Ghost-Spider


I tried to obtain a sample of the alien organism to study. It reacted… violently. Sp//Dr needs repairs. I did not get the sample…

-Submitted by Peni