In an alternate universe where it’s still 1933, Peter Parker is a hard-boiled private eye who likes to drink egg creams and fight bad guys…a lot!

Return of the Sinister Six

Noir was going about his day when he was suddenly pulled back into the Spider-Verse. He found himself reunited with all of his friends from his first adventure (along with some new ones) against six super villains! Noir wasted no time in joining the fight!

He returned to the Spider's Nest, a place he was more than familiar with, where the Spider-Friends decided to take Venom captive. Being that Noir was the toughest and most hardened of all of the Spiders, they decided to make him the warden, and have him make sure Venom never escaped.

Peter Parker, PI

While constructing the Super Collider, Noir heard Gwen mention that she needed a metal called Adamantium, and claimed he knew where to get it. He and Spider-Man teamed up and returned to the 30's to shake down some leads. One eventually came up: an up and coming mob boss named Hammerhead.

Noir and Spider-Man tracked him to the dock only to see his goons toss a woman into the river! They both dove in and rescued her, discovering that it was Noir's sweetheart, Felecia Hardy. She revealed that she had found a cat totem, similar to the spider one that gave Noir his abilities, and was now the Black Cat, the moniker of her former night club. Noir insisted she sit out the fight, but only she knew where to find Hammerhead, so she joined the team.

Arriving at Hammerhead's new joint, Noir was beginning to form a plan when Black Cat suddenly sold out the Spiders so that she could make off with her idol. The two fought hard against Hammerhead and his goons, including the previously deceased Sandman, but were overrun. Noir took out his firearm, but was persuaded by Spider-Man not to use guns.

Instead, Spider-Man activated his Iron Spider suit and evened the odds! Hammerhead, however, was simply too tough. He nearly finished the pair off, but Felicia returned in the nick of time and saved the man she loved!

With the Adamantium in hand, Noir returned to the Spider's Nest, and resumed his duties as Venom's prison guard.