The OG

Only one super hero has lightning speed, rapid reflexes, heightened senses, the acrobatic ability to walk up walls and leap with abandon and- last, but not least- a knack for spinning webs. He's strong, he's agile, he's the OG Spider-Man. And he's ready to take on evil in any form.

Return of the Sinister Six

After defeating villains like Green Goblin, Doc Ock, and Venom, OG had seen it all. That is, until one day, when he was swept into the Spider-Verse and found himself at the Daily Bugle face to face with the same villains he'd thought were long gone!

Stepping in to help a new Spider-Man, OG now finds himself living in the Spider's Nest with Spider Friends from every universe!

Power of the Sun

Overhearing Gwen tell Spider-Man that they needed Tritium to finish the Super Collider and send him home, OG stepped in, recalling that he knew of the element from Doc Ock's fusion experiment. Spider-Man and OG teamed up to go retrieve some from the newly-reformed villain, but matters became complicated when Prowler and Scorpion attempted to kidnap him!

OG wrestled with Prowler high in the sky atop Doctor Octavius's mobile lab, but fight ended with a catastrophe on a local bridge! OG did his best to save a truck, but Doctor Octavius eventually had to reconnect with his arms to help out the heroes. This, however, allowed the Master Planner to take control of his mind, and Octavius once more became Doc Ock!

OG and Spider-Man worked together to put a stop to Doc Ock's rampage, but landed Doc Ock in the river, drowning once more. OG, however, would not allow his friend to go out this way. Not again. He dove into the river and saved Doctor Octavius, sending him back to Ravencroft.

Feeling guilty for Octavius's devolution, OG went to clear his head on top of the Chrysler Building, where he feels at home overlooking the city he protects.