Gain 2 Energy at the start of an encounter

Over Shield

Begin the encounter with a nano-shield equal to ½ player HP.

It’s Me You Want!

Taunt the boss at the start of the encounter, you will be attacked first.

Now you See Me…

Cloak yourself to enemies at the start of the encounter for one turn.

No Touchie!

Deal an explosive 3D12 damage to the first opponent that hits you.

Away with You - Tonda

Send 1 small minion to Neffilheim. No Energy gained.

Death from Above - Lance

Strike down one small minion with a bolt of lightning. No Energy gained.

One Shot, One Kill - McGuinness

Target and snipe one small minion. No Energy gained.


Big Shot

Reduce Energy cost of Ultimate Heroic by 2

Press the Assault

Assault Heroics do 2 Extra D8 of damage

Healing Factor

Gain 1D4 HP at the start of each turn

So Basic

Gain +1 to all Basic Attack rolls

Something Special

Gain +1 to all Special Attack rolls.

Friends with Benefits

Summons can attack twice, or stay on the field for 1 extra turn

Hey Buddy!

Reduce Cost of Buddy moves by 1 Energy

Bonus Kill

Gain 1 additional Instant Kill per session

I Hit Back

Counter bosses.

My Turn

Use Special attacks in Counters.

Give and take

Gain 1 Energy each turn, but also lower AC by 1. Player can choose whether or not to gain Energy.

Life Energy – Lance

Whenever an ally is downed, Lance sacrifices one Chi Energy to revive them. Not optional. If Lance has no Chi Energy, player will remain downed until he gains one.

Counter Strike – McGuinness

Whenever McGuinness is hit by a boss, he sacrifices one Terrigen Energy to counter attack with Drone Strike. Not optional. If McGuinness had no energy, he does not counter.

Playing Objective - Tonda

When an ally NPC or objective in need of protecting is attacked, Tonda sacrifices one Spectral Energy to counter attack Ghostly Wail. Not optional. If Tonda has no energy, she does not counter.