Peni & SP//dr

Peni Parker suits up in an impressive set of armor to become the web-powered hero, SP//dr.

Return of the Sinister Six

Being from the year 3000, nothing from the past can faze Peni or her loyal companion SP//dr. When she first got pulled into the Spider-Verse, she quickly became a key member of the Spider-Team and helped her friends return home, losing the SP//dr armor along the way, but beginning construction of a new one.

Peni was not prepared, however, to be dragged back into another multiverses adventure. Luckily, her new mech was done and ready to fight! So when she arrived at the Daily Bugle, she once more showed her experience to help the team stop the Sinister Six.

Returning to the Spider's Nest, Peni has designated her own little workshop for SP//dr, where she can do updates on him and act as the Amazing Friends' resident tech genius.

Web of Shadows

When Gwen discovered that Spider-Man was absorbing quantum energy particles whenever he sustained damage, she recruited Peni to help her look into a solution. The two flipped Spidey's suit inside out and got to work on a way for him to safely expel the quantum energy into containment units they had developed. Though this inadvertently gave Spider-Man the ability to shoot quantum energy blasts out of his hands. Peni cautioned him against using the new ability, and instructed him to drain the quantum energy into the containment units after each battle.

Soon, however, Electro cut the power to the Spider's Nest, freeing Venom and shutting down SP//dr. Since Peni knew SP//dr wouldn't go down from a simple EMP, she deduced it was Electro, just as he attacked her and Spider-Man!

Without access to her mech, Peni did the best she could to help Spider-Man navigate a base overrun by Symbiotic versions of all of their friends. She formulated the plan to use the new containment unit as a quantum battery to power SP//dr back us so she could help fight Electro and find out how to stop Venom, saving their friends.

The two finally got the battery and made it back to SP//dr, but Peni had to wait for him to boot back up while Spider-Man was stuck alone with Electro and an army of Symbiotes. Thinking fast, Peni had Peter use a quantum overload to dispatch his foes. He stopped Electro, but was no match for Venom and his army of Symbiotes.

However, SP//dr was finally able to boot back up, and he and Peni used their combined might to stop Venom and the Symbiotes. After the attack in their home, Peni agreed to help Gwen set up stronger security measures.