Peter B. Parker

Peter B. Parker mentors Miles Morales, an all-new Spider-Man, to understand the importance of power and responsibility.

Return of the Sinister Six

Peter B. Parker was lying in bed, enjoying a slice of pizza, or as he would say, "doing ab crunches, getting strong", when something really weird happened to him. Again. He was sucked back into the Spider-Verse, where he found himself reunited with Miles and all of his other Spider-Friends, along with some new ones. Unfortunately, they were fighting six super villains at the time, so like any other Spider-Man, he... noped out of there and sat out the fight. He was sure the other guys had it handled.

When confronted by the new Spider-Man about not being seen during the battle, Peter B. quickly came up with an excuse, saying he had a lot going on in his dimension. Unfortunately, this gave the Spider-Man the idea that Peter B. could travel dimensions, and he asked if he could help him get back to his. Peter B.'s gut reaction was to do no work. At any time. Ever. But even he couldn't ignore a Spidey in need.

Recruiting Ghost-Spider, the two searched tirelessly for Spider-Man's dimension, only to find that it had been destroyed. Peter B., thinking quickly once more, told Spider-Man he'd need the Super Collider to get him back home, delaying the inevitable. But even he knew that at some point, they'd have to tell Spider-Man that his world was gone.