Living on the edge, fighting crime, spinning webs, it's the Spectacular Spider-Man!

Return of the Sinister Six

Spectacular was just minding his web-slinging business when all of a sudden he found himself dragged into the Spider-Verse, face to face with the Sinister Six at the Daily Bugle, and several other Spider Heroes!

After taking them down, Spectacular followed the others to the Spider's Nest, where he claimed dibs on the top bunk in the room he and Spider-Man would be sharing.

Living on the Edge

After Spider-Man and Advanced got back from their battle with the Kingpin, Spectacular overheard them mention a mysterious villain behind the scenes known as the Master Planner. Spectacular perked up, claiming he knew who it was.

He and Spider-Man, running low on web-fluid, took the Spider-Mobile to the site of Spectaular's Doc Ock's old lair. He claimed that his Doc Ock once went by the name Master Planner, and was hoping to find clues to his whereabouts in his old lab.

The two headed down under the Hudson River into what they believed to be an abandoned lab, only to find none other than Doc Ock. Insisting he not be interrupted from his investigation, Ock deployed Shocker and Rhino to deal with the two.

Spectacular and Spider-Man put up a fight, but both soon ran out of webs and were backed into a corner. Spider-Man formed a plan, so he and Spectacular surrendered, and Doc Ock ordered they be brought to him.

Once all together, Ock took Spider-Man for further study and ordered Shocker to finish off Spectacular. But according to their plan, Spectacular used his last web to aim Shocker's blast at Rhino and took down all of the villains at once.

Spectacular interrogated Doc Ock and learned that he not only had abandoned the Master Planner name long ago, but was actually there investigating troubling quantum energy readings. Spider-Man, as it turned out, was drawing quantum particles to himself. Determining that Ock could help solve their problems, Spectacular agreed to let him continue his work, but promised that if he stepped out of line, he'd be there to stop him.