The Face Front Show

Episode 4: Face Front, Behind the Scenes Exclusive!

I teamed up in person with Eileen Nestman, voice of Ghost-Spider, to make a Web-Warriors episode that she wrote! This is how we did it.

Episode 3: The Making of Spider-Man: Return to the Spider-Verse

Go behind the scenes and discover the history of Face Front's hit original series, Spider-Man: Return to the Spider-Verse! A Spider-Man Day 2021 special!

Episode 2: The Night I Met Donald Glover- A Miles Morales Story

In the second episode of the Face Front show, I tell you guys my Miles Morales story, and about the night I met Donald Glover!

Episode 1: Amazing Fantasy #15 Signed by Stan Lee! My Most treasured Comics

In the first episode of the Face Front Show, I’m showing you guys my most treasured comic books in my collection, including my copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 signed by Stan Lee himself!