Van Dyne’s Outfitters

I've got that hot, sexy new look you've been craving! Check it out! -Janet Van Dyne


10 Credits - Standard S.H.I.E.L.D. Uniform (Gear Set, No Effect)

A basic, standard-issue S.H.I.E.L.D. Uniform worn by all new recruits. FYI, not a turn on for me. I don't do basic.

50 Credits - Leather Jacket (Armor Gear, +1 AC)

An epic piece of outer wear that'll make you stand out in a crowd! I custom tailor, so let me know what color you want!

75 Credits - Daisy's Bracers (Wrist Gear, +1 to Strength checks)

Agent Johnson was walking around with clunky metal bricks on her hands, so I made them sexy! It inspired me to make more bracers to sell! But just for fashion, not for controlling crazy earthquake powers.

75 Credits - Wakandan "Sneak"ers (Boot Gear, +1 to Athletics checks)

You know the sneakers the Wakandan track team wore in the Olympics last year? Well, since they kicked everyone's butts, I designed mine to be like those, but better! Odd though, from what I hear Wakanda is an underserved third world nation. Where'd they get kicks like that?

75 Credits - Ruby Quartz Sunglasses (Helm Gear, +1 to Investigation checks)

I heard about that poor kid you guys saved with the laser eyes. I don't know if it might have helped him, but I designed some shades made of Ruby Quartz that definitely improve your focus. Everything is tinted red though...

150 Credits - Spidey-Senses Headband (Helm Gear, +2 to Perception checks)

So I saw a spider, and tried to kill it, but it leapt out of the way! Like it had some kind of... I don't know, sixth sense alerting it of danger! So I took that concept and worked it into this cute little red and blue headband!

350 Credits - S.T.R.I.K.E. Tactical Gear (Armor Gear, +3 AC)

Not as flashy as I'd like, but then again, this is more for combat than style, so I'll allow it. That means I will not spray paint crossbones on it, Rumlow.

200 Credits - Wasp Wings (Back Gear, +3 to Performance checks)

I found Hank's prototype for my Wasp wings. The can't lift you unless you're small, but they're flashy and dazzling, could definitely add some pizzaz to your look.

750 Credits - The Van Dyne F*** Magic Cape! (Back Gear, Halves all Magic Damage) *1 in Stock*

I hate magic! It's annoying! So I stitched together this stylish cape and had that crazy witch lady in House of Harkness do some spell on it, so now if someone attacks you with magic, well, hopefully it won't hurt as much!

800 Credits - Stark Watch 12 Pro (Wrist Gear, +1 to all Special Attack Rolls) *3 in Stock!*

Your eyes do not deceive! I scored 3 Stark Watch 12 Pros! How you ask? Well, about 90% of the nerds that camped outside of the Stark Store for a week to get one have never seen a pair of boobs before. And I guess 3 of them thought that a little peek was worth a Stark Watch!

350 Credits - The Phantom X Outfit (Gear Set, +2 to AC, +1 to Stealth checks) *For McGuinness* *SOLD OUT*

I call this the "Phantom" outfit. X is Roman numerals for 10 because I tried 9 dang times to work in some kind of stealth tech before I finally had to outsource it to those morons at E.G.G. (Westbrook charged me for supplies, labor, and quote, 'wasting his time with this nonsense', so I'm charging you.) It's a modified version of the tactical gear I made for your friends in S.T.R.I.K.E., but I had to sacrifice armor to make it stealthy. It's got the leather jacket you love so much and a mask that covers pretty much everything but your eyes. I made it white with black trim, but those colors adapt and switch depending on your surroundings.

0 Credits - Silver Spector Outfit (Gear Set, +2 AC, +1 Initiative) *Gift for Tonda* *SOLD OUT!*

I call this the "Silver Spector". I really think you'll like it Tonda! It's a pale silver, almost white battle suit. Plenty flexible, but I armored it up a bit because Doc Samson asked me to (he's concerned about how often you tell him you die). It should keep you safe. To add a flare of mystique, I gave you a hood that'll shroud your face! I didn't want to put S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on the shoulder, but Hill started breathing down my neck about dress code violations, so I hope you don't mind!


I do ink! But just Zodiac symbols, 'cause they're easy. Let me know, I'll hook you up! -Janet Van Dyne

150 Credits - Scorpio Tattoo (Mx2+10 Chem Damage)

You're mysterious, elusive... I kinda like that. Kinda. (The spirit of a deadly scorpion leaps out and and stings a single target in range. Target takes )

150 Credits - Leo Tattoo (Mx2+7 Magic Damage)

Leos are natural leaders and care about everyone. I feel like I can trust you if you've got this tat. (The spirit of a majestic lion pounces forward and attacks a single target in range).

150 Credits - Taurus Tattoo (Mx2+4)

You just want a nice, quiet, relaxing spa day and I can get with that. See you in the mud bath! (The spirit of a bull charges forth, and rams every opponent directly in front of it for 20 ft)

150 Credits - Sagittarius Tattoo (Mx2+11 Skill Damage) *SOLD OUT*

If you're rocking a Sagittarius, that tells me you're a strong, independent individual. Much respect! (The spirit of an archer appears and takes aim, attacking opponents up to 30 ft away).

Speciality Items

300 Credits - Pym Shrinking Disk (Instant Kill 1 Skill Magic Opponent) *1 in Stock!*

So I raided Hank's lab to see if I could find anymore... pictures... and instead I found these little disk thingies! Throwing it at things makes them shrink, but I made it so they they shrink magical things straight out of existence! Because f*** magic!

10,000 - Cloak of Levitation

I have absolutely no idea where this red cloak came from, but it can fly! And I think it has a mind of its own... whatever it is, I LOVE it! So it's gonna cost you if you want it.