4 Marvel “What If?” Comics that Actually Happened!

You know that awkward moment when Marvel's been around so long that some of their "What If?" stories start making it into the canon?

Let's take, for instance, what if Captain America had been elected President of the United States? You mean, like in the Ultimate Comics United We Stand arc?

How about this one: What if Hulk had become a barbarian? Can someone say Skaar, son of Hulk!? Because I sure can!

Ooh, I got one: What if Spider-Man's clone lived! No, but Ben Reilly got hit by the Goblin's glider and turned to dust! There's no way he can come back from that! You know, unless Miles Warren gathers the dust and revives and kills Ben repeatedly until he breaks free and becomes the new Jackal.

This can't be! How many more? Is Marvel really making comics out of "What If" stories? Okay, here's one they could never have done! What if... stay with me now... what if somehow Jane Foster became Thor! Yeah, because that could never happen.

I'm out True Believers. I'll see you in the Multiverse. Unbelievable...