Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Breakdown

So I’m sure we’ve all seen the Avengers: Infinity War trailer (over, and over again). Now let’s go over what exactly we saw (over, and over again)! Bullet point time! You know I love my bullet points! Also, if for some weird reason you haven’t seen it, SPOILERS for Thor: Ragnarok ahead!

  • We open with Nick Fury’s “There was an idea…” speech from The Avengers, with everyone tagging in, and a slow piano riff of the Avengers theme… Yeah, immediate shot for the feels.

  • We see a sad, distraught Tony. Maybe his Age of Ultron nightmare coming true? That’s exactly what I think of when I see him like this.

  • Strange and Wong found Bruce in a hole!

  • Well, no more speculation on that Vision/Scarlet Witch romance. He even made himself a real boy and everything! You know, aside from that glaring Infinity Stone in his forehead. He probably has to wear a hat when they go on dates… And I have officially put too much thought into this. Moving on.

  • What is Thor looking at? Are those windows on the Milano? Or a condensed version of Yggdrasil? We know Asgard is a spaceship now, so they had to take the World Tree with them, right? I know they didn’t necessarily have a lot of time to pack…

  • So that whole “Bruce Banner may never come back” thing was a false alarm. Good, we need Bruce, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to design Hulkbuster 2.0! Just wait, Hasbro Build-A-Figure in development now.

  • How can we change Natasha’s hair this time? Make it blonde! Sold!

  • Okay, well if we direct our attention towards the Sanctum’s staircase, we can find the hole Bruce fell through, more likely as the Hulk. Probably explains why Tony’s there too. People have also pointed out he’s holding the phone Cap gave him, so good eye!

  • Spider-Sense! Yes!!!!!

  • People have pointed out that it looks like Strange, Banner, and Wong are all frozen in time, which at second glance it does look like that. They also stated that Tony’s immune because of the Arc Reactor, which we’ve seen defends against Infinity stones in the past (aka Loki’s performance issues). I mean, the Arc Reactor was based on Howard Stark’s research into the Tesseract, so that’s all well and good. My only problem with this theory is that this scene seems to take place moments after the scene in the Sanctum, where Strange is wearing the Eye of Agamotto, and the only way you can freeze time is with the Eye of Agamotto, so technically he shouldn’t be frozen, right? Curious, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • This is why I hate Loki! They just went through all that trouble saving all those Asgardians in Thor: Ragnarok, and because stupid Loki had to grab the stupid Tesseract, now they’re all dead. Way to go. As I said in my Ragnarok review, Thanos is just making good on his promise. The whole “No crevasse, no barren moon we can’t find you” deal. I can only imagine that if Ronan had made off with the Power Stone then we’d be seeing some star ways bathed in his blood.

  • Don’t know why people keep saying Thanos looks like Bruce Willis merged with a purple Homer Simpson, I think he looks cool.

  • Iron Spider! With light up eyes! OMG!!!! Some All-New, All-Different influence in there, I see you Marvel!

  • My friend suggested that looks like a giant forge, and Thor is rebuilding Mjolnir. I don’t think Thor should be going off on side quests in Avengers movies (again), but hey, if Thanos just wrecked what’s left of Asgard and threw me and Hulk across space, I’d want my all powerful magic hammer back too.

  • That’s Proxima Midnight. Hard to see, but it’s her. Throwing her stupid spear.

  • Yeah! Get Captain “Bum-Beard” America a shield!

  • Okay, that thing Black Panther is fighting is that four-armed creepy alien thing from the 2013 Infinity storyline, the one that creeped in on Black Bolt while he was sleeping. Don’t know why I specifically remember that, but I do. I think it’s called an Outrider. Aka Chitauri 2.0.

  • Poor Spider-Man!

  • That’s the foot, tattered cloak, and spear of Corvus Glaive. The one violently tearing the Mind Stone from Vision’s forehead. Poor Vison.

  • So, he’s already been to Xandar and Asgard. At least that’s what I gather from the Power and Space Stones in his gauntlet there.

  • Poor Iron Man. Homeboy just got flat laid out.

  • Sam says: Pew, pew all the Outriders!

  • Cap! Black Panther! War Machine (back on his feet)! Falcon! Black Widow! Winter Soldier! Okoye! The Hulk! And the full might of Wakanda! CHARGE!

  • If you didn’t cry when they played the Avengers theme at literally the perfect moment, it’s confirmed, you have no soul.

  • Hey! There’s the Guardians of the Galaxy!

So that’s a lot to unpack! Kind of justifies why it took me this long, right? Right? Oh whatever, you try running a blog and living a life! Anyways, I’m excited, I can only assume you guys are excited, so let me know in the comments! Theories, Easter eggs, references, callbacks, anything! We’re all super fans here, so let’s talk. Alright guys, I’ll see in the multiverse!

Avengers: Infinity War comes out May 4, 2018