Avengers Initiative: The Lost Mission

Imagine this. A Marvel One Shot or a flashback episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., about a year before the first Iron Man movie takes place. Nick Fury catches wind of a computer hacker, sneaking into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s files, communicating with Bruce Banner, and showing up in areas of interest like a ghost. Fury tasks Coulson with tracking him down and either detaining or eliminating him, Operation Teen Brigade. Coulson follows the digital and physical trail this guy leaves and ends up in a residential neighborhood to find a 17 year old kid in his mom's basement. Coulson asks him if he's a hacktivist like the Rising Tide, and he denies it. He introduces himself as Rick Jones, and claims that he's going around, and tracking all of these seemingly impossible events, because he has an idea:

"There are people out there. People with powers... abilities that seem... impossible. What if we could bring together this group of remarkable people, to... I don't know, see if maybe they could become something more. So that, when we need them, they can fight the battles that the guys like you and me never could. So next time some nut like, I don't know, the Red Skull from WWII tries to take over the world, we have someone to avenge us."

Coulson cuts him some slack (because he's just a kid) but warns him to stop and seizes his computers. He reports back to Fury and informs him that Rick is no longer a threat, but he had a pretty good idea...

This needs to happen! Not only does it honor the fact that Rick Jones and Teen Brigade literally came up with the idea to form the Avengers in the comics, but it also reveals where this Avengers Initiative idea came from. Because Nick Fury always says "There was an idea." He never said it was his, or even whose it was! It also doesn't step on any toes in the MCU timeline, and is relatively harmless to the continuity. I would love to see this, what do you guys think?