The End of the Marvel Universe – Part 2: True Believers

In this universe, the Avengers became something more. Witnessing their heroics, a young man by the name of Joshua Westbrook approached the heroes, with an idea.

Part 2 of The End of the Marvel Universe answers a question that goes back to some day-one Face Front videos: Why did the Avengers work for Face Front? If you came into Face Front on Return of the Sinister Six (and I know A LOT of you did) then you'll remember MJ dropping Spidey off at the Daily Bugle to do what he called the 'Face Front News Flash'. Longtime viewers of the channel will remember the News Flash videos that Spider-Man hosted in the Daily Bugle Newsroom.

Another question later viewers might have is what is Sam Says? Well, some of you may remember the first 2 episodes of Sam's documentary series, which got canceled by Spider-Man because Face Front didn't have the budget. Which led to the snapping incident.

See where this is going? The Avengers on Earth-84061 worked for Joshua Westbrook (aka me!) at Face Front to create superhero content and inspire a new generation of heroes, while showcasing the good deeds of the original ones.

Part 2: True Believers, has now revealed the story of just how Joshua recruited the Avengers to his cause and set off the events that eventually led to the Infinity Showdown! But hold fast, my virtuous viewers, for this is only half of the story! Part 3: Whatever it Takes, is next! And this one goes into what happened after the Infinity Showdown! What happened after Falcon snapped! Check out the guide below to keep track of what's happening in the series!

Well, until then friends! I'll be working hard to get Part 3 to you guys as soon as possible! So Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!