Glorious Purpose

Before Loki falls prey to the horrors that lie within the Realm of the Dishonored Dead, he must first reclaim his glorious purpose by destroying his mortal enemies: The Avengers.

When I announced Loki: Realm of the Dishonored Dead all those years ago, Glorious Purpose was just the beginning of the video. However, as time went on, and I added lore to the Face Front Universe, I realized I'd need to explain some things in the Loki video. So I kept adding and adding to the beginning before I decided, you know what, let's make it its own thing. And thus, we have the prelude to the long awaited Realm of the Dishonored Dead!

Voice Talent

Starring as Loki is my good friend Kyle Rice! He brings the gravitas as well as the pageantry required to play Loki in his quest for revenge. Look forward to Kyle returning for Realm of the Dishonored Dead!

Another Face Front newcomer is Allyson Phillips! If the name sounds familiar, it's because she has worked with Face Front before! AllyCharms Art, her business, supplied me with the Nick Fury keychains for the Secret Wars: Dark Dimension Prize Bundles!

I tapped Allyson to voice Sylvie in this video because, well, she's the biggest Loki fan I know! And not including her in this video would have felt so wrong. And I'm so happy I did, because she is simply the perfect voice for Sylvie! Look forward to her return in Realm of the Dishonored Dead as well, and make sure to find AllyCharms on all the platforms listed in this Linktree.

And of course, Face Front's very own Eileen Nestman puts in some last minute voice work as Miss Minutes and Black Widow! As always, I'm very grateful for what she does, and as always, catch her on her own YouTube channel!

The Story So Far

So where does Glorious Purpose fall in the Face Front Timeline? 8 months after the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Events which played out differently in the Face Front Universe (see End of the Marvel Universe Part 1: The Unknown).

If you recall, Thor used the Infinity Gauntlet to, among other things, bring Loki back to life. This, however, pulled him out of the confrontation he and Sylvie were about to have with He Who Remains, thus altering the events of Marvel Studios' Loki in the Face Front Universe. Without this confrontation, Sylvie never opens the way to the Multiverse Saga in the MCU!

Loki is brought back to Earth in the desert where the TVA picked him up, and immediately resolves to get back to Sylvie. He figures he can do this by causing a Nexus event and having the TVA take him once more.

After months of scheming, Loki enacts his plan to return to Sylvie. Unfortunately, for those who remember the Loki show, by the time he and Sylvie reached He Who Remains, the TVA was in complete disarray. So Loki is left with no choice but to finish the fight he started against the Avengers. Which, as we see, did not end in his favor.

Easter Eggs

Avengers #1

First of all, check out the key art for the video. Look familiar? That's because it's a play on the front cover of Avengers #1! I added Cap and replaced Ant-Man and the Wasp with Black Widow and Hawkeye, but the iconic shot of the Avengers throwing down with Loki is still instantly recognizable!


Scientist Supreme mentions that AIM was using Loki's scepter to kickstart another project they were working on. He begins to describe it as a "Mental Organism Designed Only for-" before he stops. I think we all know where that was headed...

You Have Heart

Note that quick little remark by Hawkeye when Loki says his mind control works on the simple-minded? He says "I heard that", offended by Loki's claim being as he was one of the first to fall under Loki's influence in The Avengers.

Dull Creatures

Before Loki gets smashed by Hulk, he begins to make the same speech he stared in The Avengers. He's pretty determined to finish it, but as long as Hulk is around, I guess we'll never know what Loki refuses to be bullied by!

That's it for me Marvelites! I hope you enjoyed this action packed adventure, and be sure to see how the story ends in Loki: Realm of the Dishonored Dead, coming soon! Until then, Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!