Make Mine Marvel: The Brand-New Face Front

Hey everybody, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and that’s for good reason. It’s because I’m not really happy with what Face Front is, or what it was becoming. I never have been. It’s time for a change, a reboot, a brand-new day. I had an idea, to bring together a group of the biggest Marvel fans. So that when the world was sick and tired of hearing them blab on and on about Marvel, they could come and talk about it with real fans in a way they never could before. That’s what I want to get back to, and it starts here.

So first off, let me start by correcting a few things I’ve been saying since the blog started. Often, I’d write something like “We here at Face Front” or “The Face Front crew” and so on. It’s not true. It’s just me. One guy. And I led with an alias. I thought, hey, superhero blog, superheroes have secret identities, so I’ll be Zaxlon! Not a great plan. I went with Coulson’s cover story instead of telling the press I was Iron Man. So, I’m done hiding, my name is Joshua Westbrook. Nice to meet you!

Another problem, I think, is that I locked content behind paywalls. I mean, come on, anybody that plays Avengers Academy knows how that feels! Sam Says and the Face Front Podcast were inaccessible to everyone unless you became a member for $10 a month. Well, none of that. First off, that’s a ridiculous price point, and secondly, my podcasts sucked. I offered up toys and prizes as incentive, but as Sam said (get it?), everybody has a gimmick now, and I don’t want that. So the membership is completely optional, down to $5 a month, and is literally just if you want to support me out of the goodness of your heart. I’ll still give out some perks, but NO locked content. Sam Says and the Face Front Podcast are now free!

Lastly, and probably the thing that’s irked me the most, is that I became what I was trying to avoid. Another news site. Every day I scroll through my Facebook feed, I see about 15 posts from different people on the same thing. “Russo’s confirm this Infinity War Theory” or “Could Silver Surfer be in Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3”. I never wanted to join that hodgepodge, and I did try to put my own personal spin on every post, but trying to keep up with every trailer and new poster, especially from Marvel, is simply not possible.

So I’ve focused up. I’m going to write about what Marvel means to me, hence that age old saying, Make Mine Marvel! I’m going to have meaningful podcasts, and not half-baked reviews of the latest MCU movie. I’m going to put out more Sam Says! I’m going to make the Marvel blog I wanted to from the get-go. So brace yourselves and Face Front True Believers, because from here on out, we’re going to be Ultimate!