Marvel’s Spider-Man: 2099

Oh man, can you imagine if Insomiac just dropped this bomb at E3? They'd win immediately! Imagine, them coming out of left field, and instead of the Spider-Man 2 we're all expecting, we get a future faring adventure as Miguel O'Hara himself!

I loved Spider-Man: Edge of Time, the rich Peter David story, the back and forth between Spider-Man and his 2099 counterpart, traveling from the present to the future. It was a truly crazy game, held back only by its time. Imagine an Edge of Time-esque Spider-Man game, by Insomniac, in the Marvel's Spider-Man universe! An open world 2099, and with PS5, hopping between future and present day would be a breeze! I mean, these are the guys who made Rachet and Clank: A Rift Apart!

I'm not gonna waste time with a fanfic and type out how the story should play out (if you want that, head over to the E.G.G. page and check out Episode 8), but it would be so cool to have some dire reason that Miguel needs to get in touch with Peter and Miles to save the future!

Why'd I do this? I honestly don't know, I was messing around with the photo mode in Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered and the idea came to me while I was in the 2099 suit. One Photoshop job later, we get that awesome box art I made above! It's just an amazing fantasy for now, but who knows what the future of Insomniac's Spider-Man franchise holds? I mean, they've already introduced Alchemax! This would definately be a way to shake things up!

Anyways, that's it for me! Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!