My Thoughts on Amazing Spider-Man #25

So the last time I paid $8.00 for a comic book, it was December of 2012, and Spider-Man died! Trepidatious is probably an understatement on my state of mind when picking up Amazing Spider-Man #25, the first milestone comic in Spencer’s run, and slapped with a $8.00 price tag. “60 pages of Spider-Mania!!!” the front cover touts (and yes, with three exclamation points). I picked it up, I read it cover to cover, and here are my thoughts.

This was very unexpected. Usually with these milestone issues, Marvel goes big. So I was thinking there was going to be an all out battle with Kindred, he makes some big move, some grand entrance, establish why he’s a threat, who he is, and how he’s going to give Spidey a hard time. None of that. In fact, Kindred had a rather small role in this issue, which is actually a tad frustrating because I want to know more about him. But I did read an interview with Nick Lowe in a recent Previews issue, and he suggested that while #24 and #25 are important, Kindred is going to be a whole thing, so I guess we’ll have wait longer.

Mysterio was still alive, which was nice, but come on. Did we really think they were off Beck with Far From Home out this year? The more interesting part is the script Kindred gave him, that Beck himself apparently wrote. And the fact that it stars May Jane. I’m actually quite excited for that story.

On the topic of MJ, we know she’s got a comic coming, The Amazing Mary Jane. The Previews also suggested that this would be a set up issue, so I think MJ’s story here was more to that end. But if the Mary Jane comic is anything like this little adventure, then sign me all the way up. MJ and Carlie Cooper vs. the female Electro, saving an old acting rival of hers? It was so much fun, and I loved every second of it. This Syndicate story seems intriguing as well. I’m a classic Sinister Six guy myself, but we’ll see where this goes.

Next is Spider-Man. Why am I 5 paragraphs in and just now getting to Spider-Man? Maybe because his story was more of an action-packed pep talk to get Curt Connors back on his feet. I don’t know why, but I always get the feeling Lizard is going to die whenever he shows up, which I really don’t want to happen. But even in the Slott era, they always made it seem like Curt Connors’s next transformation will be his last. They keep putting the poor guy through the wringer, and I really hope he can just find some peace with his family, because I do love the Lizard, and I do love a happy ending!

So, paragraph 5 ended up being more about the Lizard. Paragraph 6: Spider-Man! Gee, nothing really happened with Pete! I mean, he decided to go back to school, and he fought those weird color-alien-robot things with Jameson, but… Wow. This Amazing Spider-Man comic had very little Spider-Man in it. I don’t know how I feel about that.

I will say, however, that my absolute favorite part was the tease of Miguel O’Hara falling from the sky and smashing into our time! And back in his blue suit no less! I read Spider-Man 2099 when it relaunched off Superior Spider-Man, and it was my favorite comic of the time. I unfortunately didn’t finish the run (I stopped around the Civil War II tie-in), but that’s a Marvel Unlimited binge for another day. Especially now that O’Hara is back!

Other than that, there was a little funny story about having a bot write a Spider-Man comic. The issue was pretty good, though if I had to complain about something, I’d say that it was a lot of setup and very little payoff. I guess I’m used to the milestone issues being the payoff issues, but if anything #24 had more plot reveals and master planning than this one (including the Chameleon!) But hey, at least Spider-Man didn’t die this time! Amazing Spider-Man #25 put a lot of pieces into place, and I for one can’t wait to see how they play out!