Congratulations! You qualify for the Oscorp Advanced Employee Program.

You will be assigned to the following projects:

Genetically Engineered Radioactive Spider Program

-Suspicions have led Mr. Osborn to believe that Spider-Man was a result of an accidental bite from one of Oscorp's radioactive spiders. To that end, you will be reverse engineering the spiders and testing what capabilities they may be able to instill in human subjects. The goal is to recreate Spider-Man, but better, and under Oscorp's control.

Globulin Green Serum

-You will be working directly under Norman Osborn himself on a performance enhancer he has developed called Globulin Green. This serum is not to move to human trials until express permission is given from Mr. Osborn, as he requires perfection. This is the highest honor in Oscorp Industries, do not fail.

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