Peter Parker Spider-Man Resin Bust Unboxing | Face Front Spider-Man Day 2022

Hey there True Believers! Spider-Man Day is the best day of the year, because I just go all out on Spidey! I celebrated with several videos on Face Front's YouTube channel, and the first one revolves around this unique new addition to my collection.

I found a Walmart Exclusive collectible item! A resin Spider-Man bust based on the 90's animated series! It's the coolest thing ever and I'm unboxing it here! Check out the video below.

Here's a few pictures of the glorious bust and the certificate of authenticity. As well as the box art.

As I said in the video, I am VERY happy with this new addition to my collection. As a Spider-Man fan and especially a 90's Animated Series fan, this is a must have in any collection! It's $50 at Walmart True Believers! Don't wait! There are only 3200 in the world! (Mine is 0420 of 3200)

That's it for this guy. Make sure to check out all of the rest of my Spider-Man Day activities from the Spider-Man Day 2022 Celebration page! Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!