Spider-Man: Return to the Spider-Verse Episode 5: Living on the Edge

Spidey and Spectacular are on a mission to find the Master Planner! But when they venture into his old lair, they are suddenly thrust into the fight of their lives!

The Theme Song

Everyone knows it. Everyone sings it. Everyone loves it. The Spectacular Spider-Man theme song is probably the most memorable part of the show, and that's saying a lot because it was an incredible show! So I would have been remise not to include it in my video featuring the Spectacular Spider-Man! Of course, I couldn't just copy and paste the theme song, I had to make it my own to fit within the Face Front Universe. So I imitated it using a mix of previous scenes from Return to the Spider-Verse as well as new assets, like the character screens and the web collage.

Easter Eggs

This episode is chock full of Easter Eggs from the show, so let's go over them in case you missed any!

Older Ladies

Spectacular teases Spidey about not being able to handle the 'older ladies' when he suggests asking Betty out would be weird. That's because in the show, Betty was, and I'm gonna quote Peter here, "20 years old and hot". So, yeah, not in High School with Peter like in the MCU.

Amazing Spider-Man #33

We all know the scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming where Peter summons all of his strength and lifts the debris that Vulture dropped on him. The same thing happened to Spectacular, when he confronted Doc Ock in the lair I painstakingly recreated in the video. When he lost, Doc Ock activated the self destruct and trapped Spectacular under a heap of metal. The version in the show is actually a lot closer to the first time Spider-Man got trapped under a large pile of debris, in the comics, Amazing Spider-Man #33!


Spectacular notes that Sandman sacrificed himself when Rhino implies he wants revenge for what he 'did to him'. This was a reference to the last time we saw Sandman in the series, the episode called "First Steps". Sandman saved a group of sailors from an exploding oil tanker (that he caused to explode), stating that he never wanted all of that, and just wanted his big score (also referenced in the post-credits scene). The ship explodes and Sandman seemingly dies, but we find out he's okay, which is why he's back now!


Shocker in the TV show is actually the Enforcer known as Montana. Even Fancy Dan and Ox got upgrades later, Fancy Dan becoming Ricochet and Ox becoming... well... Ox. Montana did love to run around in a cowboy and wield a lasso. Also, fun fact, Montana's real name is Jackson Brice, who was actually the first Shocker in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the one Vulture disintegrated!


In the show, Doc Ock always called Spider-Man "Arachnid". Cute nickname or spiteful taunting? You decide! Either way, I made sure to incorporate that into my video.

High Flying Falcon Action Figure

Kids today probably don't know what commercials are because they stream everything, but I watched this show when it aired live on TV (The first episode was actually on my 15th Birthday!) so I had to sit through commercials! And since I had to do it, so do you! Take that kids today that stream everything! You can skip over it if you'd like. Surely you have no need for a High Flying Falcon Action Figure. But, you know, if WandaVision taught us anything, it's that you should probably pay attention to the commercials. Just saying.

Power Source

Doc Ock had a power source that kept his tentacles active and alive. Whenever it was removed, Doc Ock was usually incapacitated, since his arms are so heavy. He did have Electro power him up when the Sinister Six formed, but after they were beaten he returned to the normal power source, as seen in my favorite episode of the show "Gangland". That's what Spectacular rips out near the end, if you didn't know.

Spidey Face in the Sky

I'm not sure why, but every episode of Spectacular Spider-Man ended with Spidey's face or a web appearing in the sky or on a dance floor, usually in the sky. It even turned black when he got the black suit! So I just thought it'd be a fun callback to the show.

Well True Believers, that's all for this one! It took a while, but I had to make sure it was perfect for you guys! How'd you like it? Tell me below, and tune in for Episode 6: The Ghost! The ever talented Eileen Nestman will lend her voice talent once more to Ghost-Spider, as Spidey teams up with her to fix her dimension watch, and find out about the strange quantum anomalies that occur every time he gets hit. What's that about? Might be important. Anyways, thanks again for watching, your guys' support means everything to me! (I mean, 1,000 subscribers on YouTube! Awesome!) Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!