The Punisher Returns

Frank Castle is back! Fresh off the heels of an ideological (and physical) battle with Daredevil, The Punisher is back and ready for revenge. This, coupled with the videos on the Facebook page, suggest that Punisher is teaming up with Micro to uncover some kind of conspiracy, one that led to his family's death. The Punisher Facebook page keeps posting redacted statements, so that's a fun touch. Maybe not so fun that they keep redacting the release date, but we know it's 2017, and there's only 3 months left, so it can't be that far off.

The show looks to be plenty violent. I'm a bit of a softy, so I can't say I'm looking forward to all the blood and guts, but if any show warrants it, it's Punisher. You know, since he kills his bad guys. I am excited for the show though, and I've heard rumors that we'll see the battle van! Remember that episode of the 90's Spider-Man, when Punisher's battle van did 80% of the fighting? Good times... I really want that battle van.

I also like that Micro is being utilized as the screen blurring, conspiracy theorist, computer guy. Micro is like, the OG guy in the chair, so it'll be good to see what they do with him. Of course we've got Karen, who I don't think is totally necessary, but Punisher's wife is gone, so that kind of eliminates a female lead. I wonder if she'll be okay mentally after the events of The Defenders.

Either way, the show looks good, and action packed, and I'm ready. One final note, I'm really glad he's brandishing the skull, since we saw it for like, 30 seconds at end of Daredevil!

Marvel's The Punisher hits Netflix on 00/00/2017