Where was Her Call?

You know, if the Avengers Initiative was created to fight the battles that we never could, why wasn't Captain Marvel Nick Fury's first call? I mean... when Loki showed up and took the Tesseract Fury said it was a Level 7, and that we were at war, and that we needed a response team. You don't think that worth a page Nicky boy?

Then Ultron showed up and literally tore the Avengers apart from the inside. So let's see here, you could either go to the Barton farm, give the depressed Avengers a pep talk, and hope they can pull themselves together in time to stop Ultron, or just call Captain Marvel to prevent an extinction-level event!!! But hey, if Fury wants to wait until he's literally fading to dust to call Carol, then I guess that's his prerogative. 'Nuff said!