Doctor Strange: Battle on Bleecker Street *Now in Black and White*

That's right True Believers! Battle on Bleecker Street is back for a 3rd time! But can you blame me? After watching the Marvel Studios Special Presentation Werewolf By Night, I couldn't help myself! Especially since two characters from that flick, Elsa Bloodstone and Man-Thing, are in this video! So go ahead, dive into the spooky season and watch Doctor Strange: Battle on Bleecker Street again! But this time in black and white!

But hey! There are a couple of changes. First off, did you notice the new Face Front intro? Yeah, technically this is the first video I've used it in! It was introduced in the "This is Face Front" video, which you can see on the newly reformatted About page.

Also the Nico Minoru credit has been updated with the actresses new name, Ashley Cazier.

And yes, this is the Remastered version of Battle on Bleecker Street and not the horrible original version that I never want to see again!

Alright then True Believers, what'd you think? Did your opinion change with it being in black and white? Or if this is your first time seeing it, how'd you like it? Let me know below. As always, Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!