Introducing Marvel Vs.

Hey there True Believers! I know you guys love the Spider-Verse vids, and I thank you for watching them so much! As Face Front grows I want to start trying different forms of content. This led me to Marvel Vs.

Marvel Vs. is a comedy sketch series pitting Marvel heroes and villains from across the universe against each other in a more hilarious rather than epic battle.

Of course the Face Front Originals, including Spider-Verse, will still have that rich story and pulse pounding action you've come to expect from Face Front, but those take a while to make, so I hope that while you wait for those you can get a laugh out of this new series!

The first episode, Spider-Man vs. The Lizard, is available now! Click Here to watch it. Let me know who you wanna see fight in the next one!

Thank you guys, Face Front, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!