Face Front Ultimate

Face Front Ultimate is the final chapter of the Face Front Blog. This is the new direction, with new initiatives, and an all around better fan experience. Let's lay out what exactly you can expect from the biggest update since Face Front's launch:

The Website

As you'll probably notice, the website looks entirely different now! I've remodeled it from the ground up, making the interface easier and creating a more accessible and streamlined experience.

The HQ houses all of the unique portions of the blog, and the videos and podcast are still in the same place. Account management has all been moved under one tab, and the Token Shop tab gives you access to all things involving Face Front Tokens, including your cart. New look, new content, same Face Front.

Marvel Multiverse

Marvel Corner has been replaced by Marvel Multiverse. It's essentially the same thing, giving you access to each unique category of the blog, however the title makes more sense. And, you know, sounds cooler. Click Here to access the Marvel Multiverse.

Oscorp Conspiracy: Back to Formula

The Oscorp Conspiracy is back! For those of you who didn't know, the Oscorp Conspiracy was an interactive experience where Face Front users took on Norman Osborn and Oscorp to try and stop their evil schemes. Now, it's back.

This time around it's structured into Quests, and you unlock them by completing the one before it and using the Oscorp Encryption Key to gain access! Whereas the Oscorp Conspiracy was a community event before, it is now individualized, allowing a more balanced reward structure, including previously inaccessible Avatars and even Face Front Tokens depending on how well you do!

Quest 1: Word Search for Answers is available to play now! Quest 2: Target Acquired, is coming soon, so be sure to save that Encryption Key if you finish Quest 1! Click Here to access the Oscorp Conspiracy: Back to Formula.


E.G.G. is a Face Front Fan Fiction that takes place in my own version of the Marvel Universe. I've been writing it since 2012 and it has well over 100 core issues, not including spin-offs, events, tie-in series, point ones, and what if's. Don't worry though, I'm not going to drop all of that on you at once!

The first 10 issues of E.G.G. are available now to read, and not to mention that you get 5 Face Front Tokens every time you read an issue, so make sure you're logged in when you read! Subsequent issues will be uploaded on a weekly basis, so keep an eye on the E.G.G. page! Click Here to read E.G.G.

True Believers Fan Club

After the first meeting, and the next one coming up, I've decided that in-person meetings, while quite fun, exclude a lot of the Face Front and Marvel fanbase. I did it so that I could finally bring the community part of blog together, but now I've got an even better way.

The blog itself is dedicated to fun, Marvel content, and the True Believers Fan Club will be dedicated to the community! Once you've joined Patreon at the Avengers Tier or above, you'll have access to the exclusive True Believers Fan Club webpage and Facebook group, where I will conduct livestreams for everyone involved. That way the interaction I wanted can expand worldwide. Click Here for the latest news on the Fan Club.

Amazing Fantasy

Amazing Fantasy is an audio adventure that will be replacing the Face Front Podcast. The Podcast never got to where I wanted it to be, so I decided to turn it into a more focused, narrative based experience that I'm positive will be enjoyable for Marvel fans everywhere.

Amazing Fantasy is a story that asks the question: What if you woke up in the Marvel Universe? It will have action, drama, romance, adventure, and everything else you expect from a Marvel caliber story! The first episode of Amazing Fantasy will be available soon, with subsequent episodes being uploaded on a consistent basis. Click Here to access the Face Front Podcast.