Four New Face Front Originals!

Sam Wilson snapped his fingers, and tore reality to shreds. Following this event are four brand new Face Front Originals that will fill in the blanks and set up the story for Infinity Showdown Part 2! Below are the posters for each new tie-in and a brief description.

Infinity Showdown: Nick Fury

This is actually a prequel to the first Avengers: Infinity Showdown video. In Infinity Showdown: Nick Fury, we will discover how the Infinity Gauntlet wound up where it was, and how Sam found out about it. These events will also cover where Nick Fury went and why he left Talos in charge during Spider-Man: Far From Home. This marks the first appearance of Nick Fury in the Face Front Universe!

Infinity Showdown: Spider-Man

Sam's relationship with Peter has been... contentious to say the least. But when Sam snaps his fingers, Peter all of a sudden finds himself in a universe with no Avengers! How will Spider-Man fight against this new group of villains, the Sinister Six!

Infinity Showdown: Doctor Strange- A Face Front Halloween Special

When the Falcon ripped reality apart, he opened a doorway to the Dark Dimension, leading Dormammu to take control of some of Marvel's spookiest villains! Now Doctor Strange must lead a team consisting of Ghost Rider, Elsa Bloodstone, Blade, and Moon Knight against Dormammu and his new army, Man-Thing, Morbius the Living Vampire, and the Green Goblin! This ties directly into events in Avengers: Infinity Showdown Part 2! This event will also have some top secret information for the Oscorp Conspiracy: Back to Formula interactive experience, so keep an eye out!

Infinity Showdown: Loki

Loki always causes mischief, but this time he's gone too far. Taking place mere minutes before Avengers: Infinity Showdown, Thor banishes Loki to the realm of Hela, Goddess of Death. Loki must rely on his silver tongue and tricks if he hopes to survive this encounter. These events are crucial to Part 2 of the Infinity Showdown.

There you have it folks! Make sure to follow Face Front on Facebook and Twitter, or just keep an eye on the blog, for more news on release dates for these projects! And as always, Face Front True Believers, I'll see you in the Multiverse!