Guys, Venom Does Not NEED to be Rated R!

I mean, come on guys. Are we really gonna act like Venom absolutely CANNOT be done if it's PG-13? Seriously, does it matter if Eddie Brock is getting busy with his girl on screen and dropping f-bombs every 30 seconds? No, it doesn't. But that's not the concern, is it? No, the concern is the violence.

People, Venom doesn't need to be hyper violent! And PG-13 movies aren't the Spider-Man 90's series where they couldn't throw a punch and had to say someone was 'destroyed' rather than 'killed'! They can get away with A LOT now a days in PG-13 movies. And even if it was the 90's series, the Venom arc in that show was awesome! With no blood and guts! It's about story people! Now, what a Venom story without Spider-Man looks like, your guess is as good as mine. But they've nailed Venom's character, look (spider emblem not withstanding) and voice from what we've seen so far. So can we please stop pretending that Venom NEEDS to be rated R? It doesn't. And you know it doesn't. So stop.