Happy New Year True Believers!

Written by Joshua Westbrook

Face Front! It's 2022 and I'm sitting here at dang near 3:00 am just thinking about how much my little blog has grown! Well, mostly my YouTube channel, heck, 90% of my fanbase will probably never see this, but you know what, that's okay! I haven't put much emphasis on the 'blog' part of 'Face Front Blog'. Hopefully I can change that!

I am so thankful for all of the new Mighty Marvelites I could reach this past year with my Return to the Spider-Verse series, and I hope to reach many more. To tell more stories. Interact with more fans. Build a bigger community. Remember Face Front's mission statement:

"There was an idea. To bring together a group of the biggest Marvel fans. So that when the world was sick and tired of hearing them blab on and on about Marvel, they could come and talk about it with real fans in a way they never could before. On that day, Face Front was born."

I want Face Front to be that place for you True Believers. Believe it or not, the most fun I've had with this blog since its inception were my livestreams last year! Because I had finally built a big enough audience to have a conversation with! Just me, and a bunch of you guys, talking Marvel. I love it. I want more of it.

So here's to 2022 bringing us all closer together. Fans, from every corner of the globe, talking about the one thing we all love more than any other thing in the world: Marvel. I'm excited, I'm dedicated, and I'm ready. Are you?

I hope to hear from you all! Sound off in the comments below, or on Face Front's Twitter, Insta, Facebook, YouTube, heck, I've got TikTok now! Anywhere your voice can be heard, I wanna hear it. Loud and proud. Let's make this year the most Marvelous one yet! Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!