Miles Morales NEEDS his Own Codename

Okay, so this is just my personal opinion, but Miles Morales really, really needs his own codename. Of course it didn’t matter when he was introduced in the Ultimate Universe, because Peter Parker was dead, and he was the only Spider-Man in town.

But after the 2015 Secret Wars, Miles joined the 616 cannon, where they already had a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! So you’d think they’d call Miles something else? Something unique right? Nope. They still called him Spider-Man. They even doubled down by titling his relaunch Spider-Man. No “Miles Morales” or “Ultimate”. Just Spider-Man. Talk about confusing the brand!

Miles not having a different codename to distinguish him from Peter’s Parker’s Spider-Man is an issue that has led to people getting… creative… for a solution. Some TV shows took to making up names for him (of course when they’re marketing toys, they need different names on the packages so kids know what to write on their Christmas lists!). In Ultimate Spider-Man, they called him Kid Arachnid. I thought it was dumb at first, but I got used to it. They could’ve, and probably should’ve, stuck with that! Now in this new show, Spidey and his Amazing Friends, a Disney Junior show for kids (like, little kids), they call him Spin. Spin!!! My friend Johnathan put it perfectly when he said that sounds like a Symbiote reject that was just a little too inbred!

Of course, in the media where they don’t make up a name for him, like the 2017 Marvel’s Spider-Man show and the 2018 video game, (and, you know, all of comics) Peter and Miles just shout each other’s real names across the battlefield! They’ll be tangling with Rhino, and Peter will be like:

“Miles! Web his legs!”

And Miles will say:

“You got it Pete!”

I mean, that’s not good! Right? Am I crazy for thinking that? Spider-Man is one of the few heroes that still cherishes his secret identity! Shouting it for the world to hear doesn’t behoove him in any way. Honestly, this whole situation didn’t bother me before, it really didn’t. But the more popular the character gets, the bigger a problem it becomes.

They had the same problem with Gwen! When she launched, she was “Spider-Gwen” which, hey bad guys, my name’s Gwen by the way! But, to be fair, she was never meant to go past her Edge of Spider-Verse story, and she was called Spider-Woman in-universe. Which also wouldn’t fly because there were already about 50 of them before the Spider-Verse! So they changed it to Ghost-Spider. Twice. In cannon, she literally had the idea to change her name to Ghost-Spider twice. And they’ve called her that ever since; comics, movies, TV shows, you name it, she’s Ghost-Spider. It’s still catching on, because it’s hard to change a name when so many people utilized the first one, but it’s happening! Because they committed!

With Miles, it’s like they don’t care! Call him something, anything! They could have just kept calling him Ultimate Spider-Man, to be honest. I don’t understand. He’s already had a feature-length movie and a AAA video game, and my guy doesn’t even have his own name. Honestly, I think it’s too late now. Spider-Man will forever be distinguished from Spider-Man by his secret identity, Miles Morales. Poor kid. That's it for me, Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!