Ms. Marvel for Every Occasion!

I have three Ms. Marvel figures! I love Ms. Marvel! She's great! Kamala has definitely made an impression in her very short time in the Marvel Universe. So, I decided to take my three Ms. Marvel figures, and create a collage! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Ms. Marvel for Every Occasion!

Now I know what you're all wondering. Joshua, how did you assemble such a magnificent Ms. Marvel menagerie? Well I'm glad you asked True Believer, and I'm happy to walk you through it! Go ahead, scroll on!

Now, we begin our little hodgepodge of heroine heroics with a classic comic Ms. Marvel and her idol, Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel! (Who sorely needs an updated comic Marvel Legend! I mean, look at her!) When posing the OG Ms. Marvel fig, Carol was the obvious, and only choice, to put by her side!

Next we've got Kamala spearheading the Avengers, Iron Man and Captain America to be precise, in their Iconic costumes from Marvel's Avengers video game! That's right, Kamala basically took charge as the lead character in a AAA Avengers blockbuster game! Didn't I tell you, she's made quite the splash in the Marvel U! And the Gamerverse Marvel Legends (Here's to hoping they, you know, round out the team!) were the perfect trio for this middle shot.

And lastly, we have her poised with Peter Parker in a partnership that pales to no other pair! With the exclusive Marvel Unlimited Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel figure (I did that on purpose) sporting her Spider-Man themed burqini! In the issue I've placed behind them, Marvel Team-Up (2019) #2, Peter and Kamala have actually switched bodies! They didn't wear each other's get-ups in the mag, but it made for some pretty unique cover art! I used the retro Legends Peter Parker with the "Spider-Sense" head because it was pretty close to how Pete actually looks on the cover!

So, after the posing, the shots, a little Photoshop, 'borrowing' the Ms. Marvel logo from the upcoming Disney+ show (Because Disney+ has ever so conveniently made their title logos very draggable PNG's!) I came up with this masterpiece! Hope you enjoy it! I sure did! Anyways, thanks for checking out this post. If you want to see me unbox 2 of the 3 figs in here, see the below videos. Other than that, Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!