Night of the Prowler

The Story

Electro revealed that the Prowler is the one who found the Spider's Nest, letting Miles know that his Uncle Aaron is still alive! Peter then deduced that the Prowler is most likely the Master Planner's right hand. So in order to stop the Master Planner, the Amazing Friends have to find the Prowler! And now you can help!

The Mission

On their search, Ghost-Spider has uncovered a data drive that belongs to the Prowler, but it's encrypted with a 6-digit code!

To decrypt the drive, you need to gather 6 Clues! Each Clue will give you one digit of the code. Once you have all 6 numbers, come back here, put in the code, and unlock the drive to find the Prowler! Click the button just below to get started with the first Clue!

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CLICK HERE for the 1st Clue!


The first person to find Prowler will win the Night of the Prowler Trophy! (You will receive an email if you find Prowler first!)

Everyone who finds Prowler will win a free Night of the Prowler desktop wallpaper, Face Front Avatar, and 100 Face Front Tokens! Make sure you're Logged In to your Face Front account so you can win your prizes!

Good luck, and Face Front True Believers!