Spider-Man: Return to the Spider-Verse Episode 9: Leap of Faith

To stop the Master Planner, Spidey and Miles Morales team up to track down his Uncle Aaron, aka the Prowler. But things are about to get a lot more complicated once they find him!

First of all, a big shout out to Sara Pezel, who returned to voice Black Cat once again! We first heard her amazing voice work back in Episode 3, and I was very grateful that she was more than happy to come back. Everyone go ahead and give her a follow on Twitter @sarapezel! You know, if Twitter is still alive when you read this lol.

And of course, as always Eileen Nestman provided Gwen with her voice, I once again used several of the handcrafted sets and props she mad for me! Check her out on YouTube or follow her on Instagram!

And now, you know what time it is: Easter Egg time! That's right, I really packed 'em in on this one, so let's get to it!

The Puma

Yes, there is a walking, talking Puma that happens to be a Spider-Man villain. He's a mercenary for hire who's bite is definitely worse than his bark!

Comic Text

One unique aspect of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was the feeling that a comic book came to life on the screen, which was evident with the big "LOOK OUT" when Miles' Spider-Sense first went off, or the "Play Dumb" captions, both of which I decided to incorporate.

Mister Criminal

You guys remember Spider-Man: Homecoming, right? Where Donald Glover played Aaron Davis, aka the Prowler! And mentioned he had a nephew? Yep, Miles in the MCU! That was also the scene where Spidey used interrogation mode, which happened almost word for word in the video. Prowler being a variant and all, it's no surprise that Spidey had the same result.

Odessa Drake and the Thieves Guild

A more recent addition to the Spider-Man mythos, Odessa Drake is the fearless leader of the New York division of the Thieves Guild. They steal stuff. Like, a lot of stuff. I thought it'd be fun to name drop her, and maybe save her for a future appearance! (Hear that Hasbro? We need an Odessa Drake figure!)

Brooklyn 42

During Felicia's plan (Which is in the form of a comic book, like Peter B's plan to break into Alchemax from the film) the authenticator says the code is 42 in this hypothetical situation. Fans know that 42 is the number on the back of the spider that bit Miles in the movie and the comics!

Also during Felicia's plan, if you listen closely you'll hear Miles shout "Brooklyn" Like he did in the film, and Spidey says "Hey everyone" like in Captain America: Civil War!

Not a Problem

Black Cat mentions that seducing a female wouldn't be a problem for her, because in the comics she's actually bisexual! She even had a little fling with the aforementioned Odessa Drake!

Bruno and Dr. Korpse

Black Cat mentions her best guys Bruno and Dr. Korpse. They're Cat's crew, the muscle and brainiac. They joined her in her most recent solo run, but they go way back to Black Cat's first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #194 in 1979!

The Big Man

Tombstone wants to use the Siege Perilous to become the Big Man of crime. That is what he was called in The Spectacular Spider-Man, where Tombstone was essentially a de facto Kingpin. He was actually the Big Man!

Ultimate Spider-Man

Notice the code to Tombstone's briefcase? 2-0-1-1. That's because Miles Morales debuted in 2011, in the pages of Ultimate Fallout #4!

Gods Don't Have to Choose

Remember Norman's speech from No Way Home? You know the one. Since in the Face Front Universe, the events of No Way Home never happened, this is the first time Peter's hearing that speech, and coming face to face with Norman Osborn.

Just Like Me

In the comics, Miles had an epic fight with Uncle Aaron that ended with his gauntlets exploding, causing his death. With his final words, he told Miles he was just like him, haunting Miles for several issues afterwards. I thought it'd be a good scene to incorporate in this vid.

The Ledge!

Hey! Remember that one time Uncle Aaron fell off a ledge!? Okay, that one wasn't intentional, but I came across it looking for a pic for the previous Easter Egg and I was like "Hey, that happened in my video too!"

Generous Proposal

Did you stick around for the post credits scene? Why not!? Why are people still leaving before the post credits scene!?! (I actually saw people walking out of Wakanda Forever. It's been 14 years people!) Anyways, if you did, then thank you, and you'll notice some familiar dialogue. Green Goblin offering a generous proposal, like from the first Raimi Spider-Man flick. Also that "Now you're getting into the spirit of things" line is from the movie video game, if you wanna get really sweaty about it.

That's all for this one True Believers. This one took a lot work, so I really hope you guys appreciate it. It's also the longest vid at nearly 40 minutes long! And that's after I trimmed it down! These things were supposed to be 5-10 minutes long. Yeah, big LOL there. But you know I do this for you guys, so spread the love, show your friends, and as always, Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!