Oscorp Conspiracy Mystery Grand Prize Leaderboard

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Welcome to the leaderboard to determine who will win the Mystery Grand Prize for the Oscorp Conspiracy! Here's how to win it:

1.) Contribute to each part if the Oscorp Conspiracy (CLICK HERE for the latest).

2.) Points awarded on placement. Participation is 5 points, 2nd place is 10, 1st place is 15. If there is a 3rd place for that particular part, then 3rd will be 10, 2nd will be 15, and 1st will be 20, so on and so forth.

3.) Points are tallied at the END of each part of the Oscorp Conspiracy.

Keep track of each part below!

Oscorp Conspiracy Part 1: Word Search for Answers: SUCCESS

Oscorp Conspiracy Part 2: Target Acquired: DEFEAT

Oscorp Conspiracy Part 3: You're HiredIN PROGRESS

Oscorp Conspiracy Part 4: COMING SOON!