Secret Wars Season 5: Black Widow

Season 5 of Secret Wars is here! And this time around, the theme is Black Widow! The movie may have been pushed to November 6, but you can get your Black Widow fill here in Secret Wars! We've got a couple of new features and announcements!

Solo Missions

This season introduces Solo Missions! Based on Marvel's Black Widow, you can now play one of two Solo Missions depending on your faction:

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents can now access Taskmaster's Siege! Taskmaster has planted bombs on the Helicarrier, and it's up to you to find and disarm them!

HYDRA Agents have access to Black Widow's Revenge! Before his siege on the Helicarrier, you must aid Taskmaster in downloading training footage of Black Widow and memorizing her moves to take her down!

Completing Solo Missions will help to bolster your team's Assist in the VS Mode!


In addition to the Solo Missions, two new Hero and Villain Assists have been assigned for the month: Black Widow and Taskmaster! They will be crucial in aiding in the VS Mode, which could turn the tide of the Secret War!

That's a whole heap of super-spy action! If you've never played Secret Wars before now, this is the time to jump in! Click Here to learn how to play if you don't already know. That's it for now, Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Secret Wars!