Spider-Man Returns to Theaters!

That's right True Believers, Spider-Man, the original 2002 movie, returned to theaters on April 25, 2024. And I finally got to see it for the first time on the big screen! I detailed my entire experience below in the first episode of Merry Marvel Mayhem!

I loved finally getting to see the movie that changed my life in an actual theater. I still have distinct memories of my time in the theater watching every other Spider-Man movie that swung into cinemas after the initial smash hit 22 years ago.

Since this was the film that kicked off my love for Spider-Man, I wasted no time ordering my tickets when Sony said they were putting it back out for a theatrical rerelease! Armed with the only Spider-Man 1 shirt I have that's not made for a 9-year-old, my ToyBiz Super Posable Spider-Man, and a little plushie names Traveling Spidey I got years ago, I made my way to the cinema. Being surrounded by so many fans of Spider-Man simply there to celebrate his return to the big screen was such a magical experience!

What about you True Believers? Comment below your fondest memory of watching a Spider-Man movie in theaters. I'm also going to be doing a weekly poll! And for this week, the question is simple:

Which movie in the original Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy is your favorite?