Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 SDCC Panel

Insomniac just did their Symbiotic Relationships San Diego Comic-Con panel and, boy, was it a success.

Okay, so first, can we talk about this trailer?

Because, wow. This game looks massive. In size, scope, just big. A few things, in no particular order:

- Who knew Martin Li was coming back? Because I sure as shock didn't!

- Venom looks completely terrifying. Tony Todd and the design definitely help with that.

- Miles and MJ rocking fresh new cuts. Miles looking 92+8, and MJ favoring her comic counterpart a little more with the gorgeous flowing red hair (as many of you may know, I'm an MJ guy, leave me alone and let me have this!)

- Did you catch those Coney Island ride names? Hydro Bench (Hydro Man's real name is Morris Bench), Speed Demon, and Big Wheel!

- The scene where both Spider-Men flip off the roof and start swinging... like, dude, just take my money already.

- So is that Grizzly, or just a bear-themed Kraven goon? Because it'd be pretty cool if it was Grizzly.

- I think I saw Wraith. I don't know, did you guys see Wraith? Standing menacingly in front of the fire at around 1:07?

- Lizard's sonic scream was definitely affecting the Symbiote, so they're keeping sound as a weakness.

- MJ hiding from Symbiote Spider-Man... just... dang. Is it that bad?

- I have a bad feeling about Harry...

They don't need to do anymore marketing. I'm sold. Like I said, take my money!

Oh, and speaking of taking money, they announced a limited edition PS5! With a controller, launching September 1, check it:

THANKFULLY, they are also selling the plates and controller separately, so I don't have to buy an entirely new PlayStation just because they put a Spider-Man logo on it... again...

They confirmed some things on the panel. This is 9-10 months after Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Peter and Miles have their thing down to a science. Peter is trying to balance a new job and keep May's house from foreclosing. MJ's job is on the line because JJJ is back at the Bugle and cleaning house. Miles is procrastinating on college prep because he wants to do more Spider-Man. Stuff established in the prequel comic basically.

They also said that this is a human story about a man giving in to the darkness and what that does to his friends and family. Like the old Spider-Man 3 teaser trailer adage, "How long can any man fight the darkness before he finds it in himself." Truly great stuff. I'm still very concerned about that shot of MJ hiding from Peter. I mean... they said this joint was going to be dark, but dang.

Tony Todd was very excited. Especially about the Collector's Edition statue. Yuri Lowenthal did the Bully Maguire dance. Nadji Jeter is a professional hype man. They all love each other and I'm here for it. Be Greater. Together.

The long and short of it, I'm excited, and I wish I could play it now. But what did you guys think? Let me know down below! Face Front True Believers, and I'll see you in the Multiverse!